Goat Simulation Recoups Development Costs In 10 Minutes

Silly simulation game nearing 1 million in sales, as iOS and Android versions are announced.


Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator, which its developer describes as the "world's dumbest game," has sold "almost 1 million copies, Coffee Stain Studios announced today at GDC Europe. As reported by Joystiq, it was also announced today that the developer is bringing the game to iOS and Android.

Coffee Stain Studios' Armin Ibrisagic adds that Goat Simulator was so successful that the developer recouped its development costs in "ten minutes." He added that the game generated more revenue in four months than the studio had made in the past four years. Goat Simulator sells for $10, meaning Coffee Stain Studios has netted almost $10,000,000 from the game.

Recalling the game's wild run to prominence, Ibrisagic said when the game's funny, Dead Island-esque trailer tallied more than 1 million views, that was the moment that convinced Coffee Stain Studios that it needed to make Goat Simulator a real game. At this time, the developer shifted all of its employees to the project, and wound up releasing the game on the hilariously appropriate date of April 1.

Goat Simulator is not the only "simulator" game out there. Other recent releases include Surgeon Simulator (available on PlayStation 4 today), as well as Bear Simulator. For more on Goat Simulator, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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