GMX signs 8th Wonder of The World

GMX Media announces that is has secured the publishing rights to Funatics Software's upcoming adventure and strategy game. First screens inside.


GMX Media has today announced that it has secured the rights to publish 8th Wonder of The World in North America, Asia, and most European territories. Set some years after the events of Northland, which won't be available in North America until early next year, the game will see players reprising the role of the Viking hero Bjarni, who is charged with saving humanity from the powers of darkness and evil.

"We are glad to bring this great title to the market," said Barry Leonard, COO of GMX Media. "We've had so much fun play-testing it."

"After a successful launch of Northland we are now looking forward to the upcoming release of the next part of our award-winning Cultures series," added Thomas Friedmann, managing director at Funatics. "Again, GMX's efforts and enthusiasms in these games will assure that we once more will reach lots of fans worldwide and make the game a success."

8th Wonder of The World is currently scheduled for release early in 2004. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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