Global Rankings Launches

The free statistics tracking service is now online.


Global Rankings, a free statistics tracking service created by Mplayer, is now online in a sneak preview mode. The service tracks a variety of multiplayer game statistics and stores them online, letting players log in to see their rank worldwide. Global Rankings recently completed beta testing based on Quake III Arena. Support for the Global Rankings service is included in the latest Quake III Arena point release patch. Other games that will soon be featured in the service include Star Trek: Starfleet Command, Starfleet Command II, Aliens versus Predator, and Quake III: Team Arena.

The technology is designed to support a wide variety of games and game platforms. Several companies are already planning on incorporating the Global Rankings service into their upcoming games, including Activision, Click Entertainment, Eidos Interactive, Fox Interactive, Gathering of Developers, id Software, Ion Storm, Interplay, Microforte, Monte Cristo, Raven Software, Ritual Entertainment, Sierra Studios, SSI, and Taldren.

For more information about the free worldwide statistics tracking service, read our previous article and visit the official Global Rankings Web site at

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