Glitchpunk Is Cyberpunk Meets GTA 2, Demo Coming Next Week

Inspired by classic top-down action games, Glitchpunk is a dystopian future that lets you brawl, shoot and drive your way to victory.


Developer Dark Lord and publisher Daedalic Entertainment's latest project was revealed this week, an action game by the name of Glitchpunk that mixes trans-humanist themes with crime sprees as you explore four different cities in a dark future. What makes Glitchpunk different from many other sandbox games that are clearly inspired by the brand of mayhem found in modern Grand Theft Auto games, is that it found inspiration in the older GTA games from the 1990s.

Like those titles, Glitchpunk is a top-down action game where you have to survive in cities filled with corrupt police officers and homicidal gang members. Aside from shooting your way out of an explosive situation with the game's massive arsenal of weapons, you can also engage in high-speed getaways using cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, tanks, and trains.

The game will also include an in-game radio with music by artists from all over the world, together with news stations and "absurd" commercials. If you do decide to tangle with the law, the in-game wanted level system will become increasingly challenging through its 10 tiers of legal escalation.

"Glitchpunk isn't just about blowing things up, it also tells a story of transhumanism, xenophobia, and religion," Dark Lord explained. "You can influence the world around you, make new friends, face off against more enemies than you can count--and you might even find love."


Glitchpunk is currently scheduled to launch on Steam Early Access in the second quarter of 2021, with a demo arriving on February 3 as part of the Steam Game Festival.

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