Gizmondo releases 2005 lineup

Tiger's multimedia handheld will have 89 games added to its library; gadget to be released in US this spring.


Tiger Telematic's Gizmondo handheld is up against some hearty competition. The portable gaming market is already full of heavyweights, such as Sony's PSP and Nintendo's DS, as well as multimedia devices, like Nokia's N-Gage. So how does a company break into said market? Games, games, and more games.

Tiger has announced the 2005 lineup for the Gizmondo, and it tips the scales at just under 90 games. Among those developing for the handheld are SCi, Microsoft Game Studios, and Buena Vista Games. According to a press release from Tiger, Ubisoft will announce its contributions soon.

The Gizmondo, while technically a full-fledged multimedia device that can play MP3s, show MPEG-4 movies, and shoot pictures (with its integrated digital camera), has its focus on gaming.

The system has already been released in Europe, where it's reportedly sold out at some retailers, but the buzz for it stateside hasn't exceeded a low hum. The Gizmondo's hefty price tag, expected to be in the $400 range, probably won't help the gadget sell to a North American public that has already gobbled up Sony's popular PSP for $250. However, Tiger does expect the price to fall by the end of the year thanks to subsidization from advertisers, who will beam commercials to users--based on their likes and locations--through GPRS communication capabilities.

The following is a sample of announced titles:

Richard Burns Rally - SCi
Battlestations: Midway - SCi
Carmageddon - SCi
Conflict: Vietnam - SCi
Age of Empires - Microsoft Game Studios
MechAssault - Microsoft Game Studios
It's Mr Pants - Microsoft Game Studios
Colors - Gizmondo Studios
Chicane - Gizmondo Studios
Sticky Balls - Gizmondo Studios
Supernaturals - Gizmondo Studios
Race - Gizmondo Studios
Ghost - Gizmondo Studios
Furious Phil - Gizmondo Studios
Hit and Myth - Gizmondo Studios
Johnny Whatever - Gizmondo Studios
Milo and the Rainbow Nasties - Gizmondo Studios
Momma, Can I Mow the Lawn - Gizmondo Studios
Interstella Flames 2 - Gizmondo Studios
Jump - Gizmondo Studios
Worms World Party - Team 17
Alien Homonid - Tuna
Casino - Hustler
Goal - Factory 1
Verbier Ride - Jo Wood

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