Giveaway: 65-Inch TCL TV, PS4 Pro, Nerf Fortnite blasters, And More

We are joining forces with CNET to give away a 65-inch TV, a limited edition PS4 Pro bundle, Fortnite-inspired blasters, and more. This sweepstakes ends June 23, 2019.


E3 2019 is finally here and we want to celebrate with this online giveaway. The lucky grand prize winner will take home a 65-inch TCL 6-series TV, courtesy of TCL; a PS4 Pro bundle that comes with God of War, and a Nerf Fortnite AR-L Elite Blaster, courtesy of Nerf.

The first runner up winners will get a prize bundle that includes an NES Classic, and a Nerf Fortnite TS Blaster. Two second runner ups will each receive a Nerf Fortnite TS-R Super Soaker.

To enter the giveaway you just have to fill out the form above after reading the official rules as well as accept our terms and conditions. Remember that you have the option of increasing your chances of winning by following our social media accounts or checking out our E3 coverage everyday using the link on the form.

If you have trouble viewing the form please use this link. Good luck!

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Seeing that you are in bed with a notorious criminal organization like CNET is disheartening. Looks like you go on the boycott list too now. Buh bye.

Get woke go broke.

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@Mr_Dave: By The Nine... Jesus H Christ. What is wrong with CNET? Is there something I missed? My memory is terrible due to a Traumatic Brain Injury. Perhaps that is the reason I fail to recall anything. Assist me Brethren. What has CNET done?

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I have the 55 inch TCL 6 Series. It's a great TV for the most part. It's just the local contrast and gray uniformity that's not perfect (although I'm more than happy with the local contrast).

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those fortnite nerf blasters and supersoakers look awesome, too bad look like is for kids and not adults.

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@nintendians: I am a big kid and I think they are perfect for a hot summer day. I mean, I collect toys and all kinds of childhood memorabilia so I believe is a personal choice.

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@tgonzalezcmg: yeah, but i expected it to be "adult size" but that's okay.