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Gibraltar Guide - Apex Legends

Shields up!


Balancing your squad composition in Apex Legends means everything, so bringing along Gibraltar--among the most defensive legends--can make or break a good group. When effectively using his abilities, which are all geared toward protecting teammates and locking down locations, Gibraltar can turn the tides of fights quite quickly. Playing this strong character takes some getting used to, especially if you're used to running and gunning. But once you've put in adequate time adjusting to his kit, you'll be saving your squad with dome shields and dropping devastating mortar strikes on your foes. We've got everything you need to know about Gibraltar's abilities in this guide, plus some tips to aid you in making the most of any situation when playing as him.

All about the defensive abilities

Gibraltar is called the "Shielded Fortress" on the Legends select screen, and that's the best way to think about him. Most of his abilities are about absorbing damage and pushing the other team back and away from your squad, and they're all useful in a pinch when you're in a bad situation. Gibraltar is great to have on a team for those fights that aren't going your way, such as when you need a second to heal, reset, or retreat.

In any given fight, Gibraltar gets a leg-up on whoever he's battling with his Gun Shield passive ability. This is a damage-absorbing shield that covers his midsection whenever he's aiming down the sights of a gun.

His Dome Shield tactical ability can be essential in any given fight. It creates 15 seconds of protection around a giving area, absorbing all fire in or out. That makes it great for blocking big attacks like air strikes, but any time you're facing down a situation that's not great, the shield can keep you alive long enough to get your bearings and get back the upper hand.

While Gibraltar's abilities are mostly about defending against gunfire, his ultimate can do serious damage to unsuspecting enemies. Defensive Bombardment is a mortar strike that drops bombs around a smoke grenade Gibraltar throws onto the battlefield, and anyone caught in the middle can get fairly wrecked by it.

Save your Dome Shield for when it's really needed

The trick with Gibraltar is not getting too cocky about the circular shields he can toss out. Yes, they're good at absorbing damage and can give you a couple of extra seconds in a fight, but used poorly, they can also become a huge liability. Over-reliance on your shields can make you vulnerable to smart players, and they can block your teammates as well as your enemies. Communication about when to use your capabilities is key to using them effectively, so your team knows exactly what to expect and when to expect it. Almost none of the other characters require as much team awareness as an effective Gibraltar does.

Gettin' kills.
Gettin' kills.

Remember: you're the tank...

Gibraltar is a defensive hero, and you should try to use him as such whenever possible. That doesn't mean you don't get into a fight when you need to--aggression often pays off in Apex Legends, because giving a team a chance to heal up or revive enemies can lose you a fight. But the Dome Shield and Defensive Bombardment abilities are great for slowing or stopping an opposing team or giving your teammates the edge, so always think about how you can help keep your squad alive.

...but don't rely too heavily on your Gun Shield

Your Gun Shield is a handy boost in a fight, but it carries serious drawbacks, so think about when you want to use it and when you don't. It blocks a lot less damage than you think, and the loss of mobility means more fire comes at you. Use the Gun Shield when you have a weapon advantage, with something like a shotgun or an LMG, at a range where you're more likely to do more damage than you take. It can also be effective when you're sniping if you've got extra cover. In every instance, though, don't blindly rely on the Gun Shield to save you. It's best for giving you an edge, and that edge can be especially handy at closer ranges.

You can turn off Gibraltar's Gun Shield anytime you want to, and if you're trying to discreetly target enemies without being seen, it's a good idea to switch it off. Seen by opponents, the shield is a big, orange, glowing rectangle, and like the Dome Shield, it's very visible. Just remember to switch it back on for closer fights.

Heal up in Gibraltar's shield.
Heal up in Gibraltar's shield.

Your ultimate is, well, the ultimate zoning tool

Defensive Bombardment is a highly versatile ultimate. Drop it at the beginning of a fight to force another squad to scramble out of cover, or wait till you're in close and they're committed to fighting you turn the battlefield into a disaster area. The bombardment is also great for dropping on enemies you've knocked down: In most cases, the mortar strikes will kill them, and you might get lucky as a teammate tries to get the revive. Just note that you can take damage from your own bombardments, but your squadmates will be immune to it.

If you've got a teammate down, try throwing the Defensive Bombardment on their location, then running in and dropping a Dome Shield. Mortars will keep anyone from charging you, in most cases, while the shield will give you ample time to pick up your teammate, with the possibility that they'll also have time to heal up a bit, too.

You don't just have to use bombardments to attack enemies or cover yourself--try dropping them at choke points or in areas where you're worried a team might try to flank you. The bombardment is deadly, but its real defensive function is to push squads out of position and make them move, so try to use it to control the battlefield.

Bait 'em in, but play safe

Domes are extremely visible to the enemy, and they cut through walls, so they basically give away your position whenever you use them. It's possible to use that to your advantage, though; dropping a shield makes an enemy squad think they know where you are, giving you a chance to try to not be there. The misdirect can be especially effective with Bangalore's smoke or Caustic's gas, allowing you to move away from the shield while your enemies are focusing on the wrong thing.

Dome Shields are actually highly vulnerable, though, so be careful how you use them. They block incoming fire, but turn into death traps if an enemy with a shotgun gets bold enough to run in. Try using them at range when possible to avoid having anybody close the gap on you, and remember that being behind the shield is just as effective at stopping fire as being inside it. Keep mobile and adapt even when shielding.

If you're trying to escape a fight, try dropping the Dome Shield behind you as you go. It'll block incoming fire like a wall while you keep moving, allowing you to get some distance from your attackers while they fire on you. If you're lucky, the shield's position might cause them to lose track of you as well.

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