Giants: Citizen Kabuto Ships

Interplay's unusual action game will soon arrive in stores.


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Interplay has announced that Giants: Citizen Kabuto has shipped to stores. The unusual action game was developed by Planet Moon Studios. Players control one of three playable alien factions battling for control of an island. The meccaryns are a technologically advanced race that fly around with jetpacks and use laser guns and other advanced weapons to succeed in battle. Kabuto is a mountain-sized giant that uses his incredible strength to dominate his enemies. The sea reapers are a Siren-like race of sea creatures with magical abilities. Unlike earlier builds of the game, the retail version of Giants will include shirts on these female creatures due to concerns that some retail outlets would not carry the game if it contained topless sea reapers. Likewise, the previously red blood in the game has been replaced with green blood. In addition to an extensive story-driven single-player campaign, Giants supports up to ten players in multiplayer mode. For more information about this action game, read our extensive collection of previews, movies, and screenshots.

Giants: Citizen Kabuto has an approximate retail price of US$44.99 and will soon arrive in stores.

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