Giant Mech Shooter Archangel Is A PSVR Timed Exclusive

It's like MechWarrior, except your mech is the size of a building.


First-person mech shooter Archangel has a two-week exclusivity window on PlayStation VR, developer Skydance Interactive announced today. It'll launch in July on PSVR, and two weeks later on other VR platforms.

In Archangel, players pilot six-story-tall mechs to battle against a private corporation that's taken over a dystopian America. The mech has access to a variety of weapons, but you can also use its arms to punch enemies.

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It's a single-player shooter that the developer claims will have an "engaging storytelling and dynamic characters." You are accompanied by an army of AI-controlled allies who will help protect and fight with you.

"Utilize all this firepower and support to battle your way through progressively difficult waves of enemies across many different environments, and earn XP to level up your mech along the way," president of Skydance Peter Akemann said in a PlayStation Blog post. "Play the lead role in the next chapter of the great story of the resistance, with storylines both epic and personal woven throughout."

The developer hasn't given an exact release date yet, but it'll be released on PSVR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.

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