Giant Bomb Premium Subscription Is On Sale, Will Get You Lots Of Good Content™

Get yourself more top-notch video content than you'll probably know what to do with for just $35.


If like us you're constantly in search of new and exciting things to watch right now, might we recommend a Giant Bomb subscription? No, we're not just suggesting it because we're a sister site and thus technically obligated to. No, we are not suggesting it because GameSpot folks appear on Giant Bomb so we're technically stroking our own ego. We're suggesting it because, there is so much fantastic, premium-quality video on there to be entertained by. And with the subscription on sale, now is the perfect time to jump in.

Whether its shows like Mass Alex and Burgle My Bananas, podcasts like the Giant Bombcast, Beastcast, or the newly resurrected HotSpot (wait a second, isn't that one of ours?), or the Playdates, there's plenty to enjoy. If that wasn't enough, the Giant Bomb crew's fantastic Lockdown 2020 streams are happening daily, and well worth the price of admission.

That price, it just so happens, has been discounted to $35 for a whole year, so you're saving yourself $15 off the usual price. Head over to the subscription page and sign up to get access to all of Giant Bomb's content ad-free, so you won't be interrupted while watching Jan desperately try to complete Bloodborne for the first time.

While you're there why not check out the Toonami Bracketology video in which Ben and Jan decided which was the best Toonami anime. They're joined on this very scientific venture by GameSpot's own Michael Higham and Tamoor Hussain. Things are said about Tenchi Muyo!, people get weirdly emotional about Naruto, and no one really cares about Zatch Bell. It's a great time.

Here is a picture of some of the Giant Bomb team as the Ginyu Force. Like and get a yearly subscription for more.

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