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Giant Bomb And Jeff Gerstmann Part Ways, Future Of The Site Outlined

Giant Bomb teases some news about what's next for the site.


Change is afoot at GameSpot sister site Giant Bomb, as Jeff Gerstmann and the site are parting ways. The news comes just ahead of further announcements this week that will outline the nine crew members that will form the site's core group moving forward.

"Jeff is a co-founder of Giant Bomb and has been at the heart of the site since it launched in 2008," the site said in its announcement. "Whether it's Quick Looks, live streams, or the Bombcast, you have consumed content that he had a hand in making. Jeff has shaped Giant Bomb in profound ways and he's also been a key part of bringing on board the voices that have defined the site through its different eras. To this day, Giant Bomb’s influence on the way video games are covered on the internet is still as pervasive as ever, and Jeff remains inseparably attached to that legacy."

But even with Gerstmann moving on, the site vows "continue to be a weird and welcoming corner of the internet. A place to celebrate video games and all the things surrounding them, with other like-minded folks who also call Giant Bomb home."

Further information about the news is slated to be discussed during the June 7 episode of the Bombcast. This podcast will cover the aforementioned outline of just who the nine core Giant Bomb crew members will be. Additionally, there will be further clarity on the plan for the Premium membership, as well as a sneak peek at what future content is planned, and more.

The Giant Bombcast will be streamed on the Giant Bomb website and on Twitch. It kicks off on June 7, 2022 at 11 AM PT.

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