Giant Beaver and Human Handcuffs Come to Dino Game Ark in New Update

The dinosaur game continues to grow with even more content and features.


The latest update for dinosaur survival game Ark: Survival Evolved has arrived, bringing with it giant beavers and handcuffs to help you keep your human prisoners in control.

The giant beaver, whose official name is Castoroides Feliconcisor, can be tamed, trained, and mounted for land or water travel. You'll find the creatures near water, and they can come in handy for gathering and carrying wood for you. Like their modern-day cousins, the giant beaver also builds dams. Developer Studio Wildcard says dams will be rare in the wild, however, as Ark's bigger creatures "have a tendency to trample them."

As for the handcuffs, the new item is pretty straightforward. You can use it to keep your prisoners from escaping or becoming violent. Check out the video above to see Ark's new beaver and handcuffs in action.

The new update also includes some "improved client and server performance streaming." It's available now for the PC version of Ark and should land on Xbox One sometime down the road.

Ark remains an in-development game across PC and Xbox One. The full, finished version will debut for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 this summer, though a specific release date has not yet been announced.

In other Ark news, an Xbox One patch earlier this month introduced split-screen support, a game feature only available on Microsoft's console.

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Studio Wildcard has big plans for Ark's future, which you can read about in GameSpot's interview with creative director Jesse Rapczak.

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