GI Joe Hero Snake Eyes Arrives In Fortnite

The hero was teased in a radio transmission posted on the game's official Twitter.


Update: Epic Games officially confirmed Snake Eyes for Fortnite on January 30. The character's set is available in the item shop, sporting a katana, tactical suit, mask, and weapon holster. You can even pre-order a Fortnite-style action figure of the character now.

As The Game Awards pointed out, you can actually see a Snake Eyes figure in the background of a video featuring Epic Games' Donald Mustard. He truly is a master of stealth.

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It looks like Snake Eyes--the legendary ninja from the GI Joe franchise--is set to be the next guest character in Fortnite. The game's official Twitter teased his appearance with a short radio transmission, and while it didn't mention his name outright, it's pretty clear he's who is being discussed.

The video is captioned "Ninja Master," and it mentions "lasers and explosions" as well as a target who is joined by several friends. That would make sense considering the GI Joe franchise's wide roster, but a ninja who has friends isn't exactly clear evidence.

However, the transmission ends with the phrase "Knowing is half the battle." This is a slogan from GI Joe, all but guaranteeing that Snake Eyes will be making an appearance soon.

But why Snake Eyes over one of the franchise's other characters? This year we are getting an origin story film about the character called Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins. It stars Henry Golding in the title role, and it will also include Samara Weaving and The Raid action star Iko Uwais. The film is currently scheduled to release in October, and Fortnite is certainly good at building hype.

Alongside (presumably) Snake Eyes, this Fortnite season has also included the Predator, Sarah Connor from the Terminator franchise, and the Mandalorian, among other characters. Its "worlds collide" theme has made it perfect for just about anyone to get invited.

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