GhostWire: Tokyo Runs Worse On Xbox Series X|S Than PS5, Report Says

A new performance breakdown shows issues from the PS5 version are still present a year later.


GhostWire: Tokyo recently landed on Xbox consoles after a year of PlayStation 5 exclusivity, but a technical breakdown shows that many of the game's performance issues are still present a year later. Even worse, the title seems to generally perform worse on Xbox Series X.

A new analysis by Digital Foundry shows that many of the same issues that plagued the PS5 version have carried over to Xbox. Those issues include a dizzying array of graphical options (most of which Digital Foundry does not recommend due to their effect on performance) rather than the choice between optimized performance or quality modes, as well as noticeable input lag and regular framer ate dips, even when playing on performance modes.

All of those issues were present in the PS5 version of GhostWire: Tokyo, but more disappointing is that the game simply performs worse on Xbox Series X. Digital Foundry notes that frame rates tend to be substantially lower on Xbox Series X regardless of the mode, and ray-tracing quality modes appear worse and suffer from visual glitches.

Performance on Xbox Series S is "considerably worse" than on PS5 or Series X, according to Digital Foundry. Even when running on performance mode, GhostWire: Tokyo on Series S hits frame rates in the low 40s rather than its target of 60. Be sure to check out Digital Foundry's video above for the full technical breakdown.

The technical performance of GhostWire: Tokyo for its Xbox debut is disappointing considering the title, developed by Tango Gameworks, is technically a first-party Microsoft title, as Tango is part of Microsoft-owned ZeniMax Media. It's also disappointing considering how Tango's most recent game, the colorful rhythm beat-'em-up Hi-Fi Rush, runs incredibly well on Xbox Series X at a locked 60fps.

In GameSpot's GhostWire: Tokyo review, reviewer Richard Wakeling awarded Tango's supernatural adventure an 8/10, praising the game's setting and combat while noting that its story and side missions left something to be desired. GhostWire: Tokyo arrived on Xbox earlier this month alongside a major new update that added an additional game mode and new enemy types. It's also playable via Game Pass on both consoles and PC.

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