Ghostbusters getting official LEGO release, but where's the video game?

LEGO has greenlit a fan-made Ghostbusters LEGO set to celebrate the movie's 30th anniversary, but when are we getting a video game version?

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LEGO has been taking fan ideas and turning them into real, official LEGO products for a while now via LEGO Cussoo, and that fan-sourced project will lead to an official Ghostbusters LEGO set. Using designs from Brent Waller's 30th anniversary project, LEGO is planning to release the set later this year. Final designs haven't been approved yet, but Waller's mock-ups can be seen in the images below from his product page.

But is there any chance these figures could also come to a video game? We've reached out to LEGO games publisher Warner Bros. Interactive to clarify how the licensing agreements work with a one-off set like this, but LEGO has made a habit recently of taking great entertainment properties and making them into fun, family-friendly games (see Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars, The get the gist).

What do you think of the designs? And while it seems like there's next to no chance of a Ghostbusters 3 movie any time soon, would you want the franchise to become a LEGO game? Let us know in the comments below.

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