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Ghost Tree Trevenant Scares Its Way Into Pokemon Unite January 20

The ghost tree becomes the 30th Pokemon added to the Unite roster.


Pokemon Unite's roster of playable Pokemon is about to get a little more spooky as Trevenant, the Elder Tree Pokemon, becomes the 30th addition to the roster on January 20.

The official Pokemon Unite Twitter confirmed the spooky sapling's addition with a short video showing off its abilities. Based on what is shown, Trevenant can sap health from opponents and wild Pokemon, use its big branch arms for a Wood Hammer attack, and push enemies with a dash attack.

For those unfamiliar with Trevenant, the Pokemon debuted in the sixth generation of the franchise--the X/Y era to be precise--as a rarely seen Ghost/Grass dual-type. Its Pokemon entry from that game describes it as a fierce protector of forests, explaining how it will "trap people who harm the forest, so they can never leave." A strange-looking creature that fiercely defends the forest… Trevenant's the Pokemon version of The Lorax.

Pokemon Unite originally launched for the Nintendo Switch in July 2021 before being ported to mobile devices in September. Spooky Pokemon Lor--er, Trevenant joins the game's roster on both formats January 20. It's the latest Pokemon to join the game, following first-generation Pokemon Dragonite and the deadly dancer Tsareena as recent roster expansions.

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