Ghost Recon's War of the Not-So-Distant Future

Heat-seeking bullets, transforming drones, and other fancy toys abound in the latest Ghost Recon game.


Though Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was announced early in 2010, Ubisoft is taking the next few months to put some polish on its upcoming shooter. We had a chance to check out a few different missions from the game, two of which can be found below in their entirety. If there's one thing that we took away from our brief experience with the game, it's that while you can go into any situation with guns blazing, there isn't any reason to, because it's all about efficiency. You have an amazing assortment of equipment--such as a highly useful drone (that not only flies and drives, but can also mark targets for instant kills by your squad)--and an assortment of vision modes, so there's no real justification for wasting a single bullet. Ghost Recon is scheduled for release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 22 with a PC version coming later.

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