Ghost Recon: Wildlands' Next Update Makes Helicopters Easier To Control

Queue "Ride of the Valkyries."

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Now Playing: GS News Update: Ghost Recon Wildlands Is Getting A PvP Beta And Better Helicopter Controls

Hot on the heels of news that Ghost Recon: Wildlands is getting a beta for its player vs. player mode, Ubisoft also announced that it's revamping the way helicopters work in the game.

Today's update includes a substantial overhaul of helicopter controls, meant to make them easier to use. Ubisoft also stated that the new controls are meant to make them feel more authentic. Each type of helicopter will fly slightly differently, and you'll need to get the rotor up to a sufficient RPM before you can take off.

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Most significantly, Ubisoft is changing the way that weapons systems work on each type of helicopter. Gatling choppers, for instance, will have new crosshairs, rocket helicopters will have lock-on targeting, and small helis with rockets will fire salvos instead of locking on. There's also a new control scheme, which you can see below. You can also check out the full Title Update 6 patch notes at the bottom of the article.

  • Triggers control vertical speed (LT = vertical descending speed, RT = vertical ascending speed)
  • Left stick controls horizontal speed (up/down = forward/backward, left/right = left/right)
  • Left/right on the right stick controls rotation speed.
  • Up/down on the right stick controls the rotation speed of the camera, which in turn determines the direction of the helicopter.

In other Ghost Recon: Wildlands news, the open beta for the PvP mode launches on all platforms later this summer, although Ubisoft hasn't given an exact date yet. In addition, the game is the best-selling title of the year so far.

Patch Notes


  • Every helicopter now has a different behavior
    • Small helicopters are very fast, very mobile, and have a high pitch
    • Gunships are fast, mobile, and have a very military feeling to them
    • Blackhawks are slower and more steady when handling
  • Helicopters' take off physics are now more realistic. Once the helicopter reaches the correct RPM, it will take off automatically
  • The helicopters no longer slide while taking off
  • Helicopter engine torque reacts to the player's actions
  • Improved destruction of helicopters on impact


  • While using a gatling chopper, the HUD now displays a crosshair while aiming
  • While using a rocket chopper, the HUD now locks onto targets
  • While using a small chopper with rockets, instead of locking, the player shoots rocket salvos
  • Added a HUD display that shows the current helicopter speed and altitude


  • In "La Gringa": Fixed a bug where the objective marker could disappear
  • In "El Chido's Agent": Fixed a bug preventing mission's completion if the agent gets alerted

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where the "Down" symbol wouldn’t always appear


  • Player will hear helicopter engines speeding up and slowing down upon accelerating/decelerating


  • Fixed some zones where player could not climb

Fallen Ghosts

  • Fixed a bug where some rebel skills wouldn't be displayed on the HUD
  • Fixed a bug where some elements in the TacMap and the Los Extranjeros tab would be stretched on the ultra-wide aspect ratio displays


  • Fixed a bug causing the Tier 1 "Activation" button to not be clickable when using a mouse
  • Fixed a bug causing some menu elements to be stretched when using an ultra-wide resolution (2560x1080, 3440x1440) in the Fallen Ghost DLC
  • Fixed an issue that caused scrolling through a list while having a tile selected and moving the cursor away would reset the list to the selected tile

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Avatar image for topgun182

This is a mixed bag for me. Some of the changes make it easier to fly but in no way more realistic. It has a very arcade-like feeling to flying now but you can actually hit something with the guns and not dive when trying to go faster. I liked the physics before and it felt much more like how a real helicopter flies minus the janky control scheme. One you got it figured out though, you could fly very realistically. plus you could control the camera independently from flight control, now you can only tilt up or down with the camera since the mouse controls yaw, whether it's turned on or not with no independent sensitivity setting. I don't want my mouse controlling ANY part of the flight. I have no idea what console players dealt with before, so I can't comment on that, but on the PC, I had gotten pretty adept at flying the way it was and am only happy with the change to collective and cyclic behavior. I do not like the arcade aerodynamics. I wish they could give us both.

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

It took them that long to fix this? I've never seen weirder helicopter controls than in this game, or anything that comes even close. You tilt the stick forward and the helicopter starts going forwards. You let go of the stick and it keeps flying forward indefinitely while getting closer and closer to the ground. Using throttle didn't to anything at all.

So all you could do is to eventually pull the stick back for a few seconds until you've got some control back, wait until it's no longer moving at all and then wait until the things has ascended to a decent height again, only to repeat the process all over again, hopefully before you crash on the ground. How could anyone even come up with something like that?

Avatar image for Dav_id83

Why didnt they do what Pandemic did in Mercenaries 1 and 2 just make it f**king basic L2 (Brake) R2 (Accel), X fire Guns, O missiles, click in L3 look behind, Left stick up and down, right stick turn left or right, Triangle change weapons if it had more than 2 for main, and L1 and R1 YAW left and right

They didnt even listen to anyone from the BETA as this was one of the major complaints, when I played the PS4 CLOSED BETA and I was using a chopper for a mission the dam thing would hover but always move it wouldn't stay stationary when I wanted it,

Avatar image for hushed_kasket

So the right stick now controls rotation, with RS up and down controlling the camera (but that affects the chopper's direction?). What it SOUNDS like is that there is no longer an option to simply pan around the chopper with the camera without affecting its motion / direction. I hope this is not the case.

Since the right and left shoulder buttons (R1/L1 or RB/LB) aren't mapped to anything as the driver, why not just make those control rotation (a la GTA 5 chopper controls)? Then the RS would be free to use for different camera angles ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hope this is just a lapse in communicating the changes.

Will try it out later today I guess.

Avatar image for topgun182

@hushed_kasket: You are correct about the camera.

Avatar image for Evanduil

Gee thanks Ubisoft for finally doing what absolutely everyone said was universally wrong with the game even before it was released.