Ghost Recon specialist details part II

Take a look at the second half of our look at the specialist characters featured in Ubi Soft's upcoming tactical action game, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. New screens inside.


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Today we bring you the second half of our coverage of the specialist characters featured in Ubi Soft's upcoming tactical action game, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. The game, which went gold yesterday, focuses on modern-day squad-based tactics like the previous Tom Clancy games, but Ghost Recon features improved animation, graphics, and gameplay features. The game also includes several specialist characters who can join the squad to add expertise and firepower to the team. We posted the 2819779first half of our specialist coverage yesterday, which included brief overviews of the different specialists, along with some new screenshots showing off the characters. The following is an overview of the second half of the game's specialist characters:

Captain Will Jacobs is the assault company commander. He is known for his sharp tactical skills in the field, and he speaks fluent English and Cantonese, as well as some Russian and Japanese. His charisma and analytical skills have helped him succeed as the central figure in the Ghosts.

Sergeant Dieter Munz is assigned to heavy weapons. He was first trained as an auto mechanic and possesses a great deal of technical expertise. His preferred weapon is the M136 antitank rocket launcher. Munz speaks fluent English and German, though he is reluctant to engage in conversation.

Sergeant Guran Osadze is also assigned to heavy weapons and specializes in antitank operations. He has a strong resentment against all enemies of his homeland, Georgia, and harbors a dislike for the Russian military. Osadze speaks some English.

Sergeant Henry Ramirez was first trained in reconnaissance. As a child, he was continuously tormented by bullies, and as a result became skilled at running and hiding, as well as throwing the occasional cheap shot when he has the chance. He speaks fluent Spanish and English, and while he has few friends, he is very loyal to those he is close to.

Sergeant Jack Stone, the sniper of the group, is extremely skilled at marksmanship. He is quiet, efficient, and methodical, and he speaks both English and French. He was once captured while on a peacekeeping mission in Eritrea, only to escape, kill his captors, and make his way to friendly territory.

Sergeant Nigel Tunney is the group's demolitions expert. Though he was kicked out of school for poor behavior, his skill in chemistry and explosives was rewarded in basic training. He is loud and very friendly, and he enjoys parties, but he's all business when in the field--though he has been disciplined occasionally for his unconventional approach.

We've posted some new screenshots highlighting the specialist characters in the gallery above. Ghost Recon was developed by Red Storm Entertainment, and it is scheduled to ship on November 13 with a suggested retail price of $49.99. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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