Ghost Recon Online 12.0 update to feature new map, weapon pack

New patch to feature new Xinyi District, Phantom weapon pack, and graphical tweaks.


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Ubisoft has announced the latest update to its PC free-to-play online shooter Ghost Recon Online, which is currently in open beta status.

One could say that this is Ubisoft's version of the phantom pain.
One could say that this is Ubisoft's version of the phantom pain.

The 12.0 update introduces the Xinyi District map, which is the largest map created so far for the game. The map is specifically catered for the most popular mode in the game, conquest mode.

The update also introduces the Phantom pack, which includes Phantom-themed weapons and items. In addition, new graphical and cosmetic changes have been added which includes signature singe-eye AR displays and realistic shell ejection.

The game's dev-ops director Corey Facteau told GameSpot that the most-requested fix for the open beta was the removal of an exploit on the Korolyov Towers map. He added that Ubisoft will only release the game in its full state once they are completely satisfied with the quality of experience that they will give to players. "We will continue to make improvements and fixes in open beta until we are convinced that we are delivering the best experience possible."

Ghost Recon Online is currently in open beta officially in North America and Europe. Ubisoft did not state when Ghost Recon Online servers outside of those regions would be started. "Just like our launch in Poland," Facteau said, "our focus is to further expand with quality service worldwide, which includes localised service, closer servers, local customer support/community managers or localised payment methods."

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