Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm postponed

Ubisoft's PS2-exclusive Tom Clancy title pushed back to Q1 2004.


PlayStation 2 gamers are going to have to scratch their itchy trigger fingers for a few more months, now that Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm has been delayed. Ubisoft announced today that its Ghost Recon sequel would not make its scheduled December release date, and instead would come out in "early 2004."

Although designed specifically for the PS2, Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm follows the same storyline as the Xbox and PC game Ghost Recon: Island Thunder, which came out in September. In single-player mode, players lead a squad of U.N.-sanctioned American commandos into Cuba to overthrow a Colombian druglord who has taken over the island nation. The game will also feature over two dozen multiplayer maps and 10 multiplayer modes.

Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm is the second Ubi-published Tom Clancy title to be delayed this year. The squad-based Rainbow Six 3: Athena Sword was also pushed back from a Q4 2003 to a Q1 2004 ship date. However, Rainbow Six 3 for the Xbox shipped last week, as scheduled.

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