Ghost Recon continues to camp atop UK chart

The top three were unchanged, with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier continuing to hold the top spot for a third consecutive week.


Last week saw no change in the top three with Ubisoft's third-person shooter holding firm at number one for a third week in a row. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is the third game in 2012 to hold on to the number one spot for three weeks or more, along with EA's FIFA 12 and FIFA Street.

We are the watchers on the…chart?
We are the watchers on the…chart?

Second and third spots stayed unchanged with Max Payne 3 suffering a 36 percent drop in sales and almost being knocked from second place by FIFA 12, which saw a 48 percent increase in sales. Battlefield 3 was the biggest mover of the week jumping from eighth to fourth just ahead of Sniper Elite V2, which jumped from seven to five.

The only game to debut in the top 40 last week was Focus Home's book and television tie-in role-playing game Game of Thrones. With many wanting to travel the country of Westeros for themselves, Game of Thrones debuted at number six--the only new entry in this week's all-formats top 40.

The rest of the top 10 continued to be filled by the usual suspects, with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 at seven, FIFA Street at eight, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games at nine, and Dirt Showdown hanging on at 10.

Other notable movers in the chart included Diablo III, which overcame its retail supply problems to see a 543 percent jump in sales to reenter the chart at 22, and Wii Fit Plus, which registered a 279 percent week-on-week increase, taking it to 31.

This week sees the release of Suda 51's latest creation, Lollipop Chainsaw, across multiple platforms, and Gravity Rush for the Vita. But it could be another week at the top for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, as the PC version hits retail shelves this week as well.

UK All-Formats Chart for the week ending 9 June 2012:

1. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
2. Max Payne 3
3. FIFA 12
4. Battlefield 3
5. Sniper Elite V2
6. Game of Thrones
7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
8. FIFA Street
9. Mario & Sonic London 2012 Olympic Games
10. Dirt Showdown

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I wonder how Arma and the DayZ mod effected things this month?

Avatar image for eric_neo3

1) Only 12 people working on the PC port.

2) Only 1 screenshot of the game released for PC by community manager.

3) No hosting, and a mix of bad laggy master server and P2P

4) Some modes by friend only invite.

5) Bugs, Disconnections, Glitches and still no word on a patch.

I can see this game getting traded in fairly quickly on consoles, and the future does not look good for it on pc.

Avatar image for Jim60360

Did about 8 levels of single player then traded it in. Got so bored with it.

Avatar image for IgotEpixx

Quite surprised actually.

Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

It's not such an achievement when there hasn't been any major games released. We are in the summer dry patch.

Avatar image for Godly_Kongming

Future Soldier needs a patch SOOOOO bad its almost unplayable right now. The mics dont even work right, its like in Beta testing still.

Worst thing is Ubi is doing NOTHING to address our concerns!

Avatar image for deadpeasant

Its unsurprising to see the charts being this stagnant at this time of year. It may be summer weather wise but for games releases we're in deepest darkest winter this time of year. Brrrrrr... :(

Avatar image for thenephariouson

Lovin GR, just in desperate need of a TDM mode. Good to see DiRT Showdown in the top 10, suprised to see Sniper Elite v2 at No5. All in all a varied top 10

Avatar image for Soniczero1993


I doubt that Ghost Recon will ever get a TDM. It's too much of a tactical game to just be about killing each other.

Avatar image for Landsharkk


Personally I thought Dirt Showdown was a complete joke. But I love the other Dirt games.

Avatar image for thenephariouson


To be honest ive only played the demo, but am a massive DiRT3 fan, just cant get enough of 'Outbreak' : ) Its just good to see the franchise in the top 10, even though this is effectively DiRT 3.5.

Avatar image for thenephariouson


I play DiRT3 with controller as i dont own a wheel, although i have a freind that uses his Force Feedback wheel/pedal setup with DiRT3 and loves it. Regarding the 'Complete Edition', as i own the standard DiRT3 game, i am assuming the Complete Edition comes with all available DLC etc. The DLC is mainly focused on the single player component, although there are 3 or 4 additional cars and a few Horn sounds for Multiplayer.

So in short, if you are mainly interested in the Single Player Campaign, i would say get the 'Complete Edition', however if you are mainly interested in the MP component (Cat & Mouse, Outbreak, etc) i would say stick to the original DiRT3.

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Just out of curiosity, do you play the Dirt games with a wheel or a controller? I finished up Forza 4 a couple months ago and now want to buy the Dirt 3 Complete Edition (also, is the complete edition worth the money?). I was going to use a wheel in Forza 4, but played the game so much I beat the single player really quickly. I don't want to waste money on a wheel if it doesn't work well with Dirt 3.

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i am surprised about battlefield 3 being 4th place, anyways ghost recon is a good game but there are other games on that list which are much better

Avatar image for Business_Fun

Future Soldier is pretty great, but it would have been nice to see Dragon's Dogma roosting somewhere up there. Com on Britishers, buy the thing :)

Avatar image for dab0ne

@Business_Fun Sorry. There is a Capcom boycott in session. Maybe they can redeem themselves with RE6 but until then I'm on a strict no Capcom boycott.

Avatar image for leviathanwing

@dab0ne waiting for the turbo/super/complete/ultimate/ultra/gold editions of capcom games myself.

Avatar image for adkcrazox

I'm having more fun on max payne 3 online then ghost recon..

Avatar image for Smokescreened84

It says a lot about UK gamers here in the UK, they ignore a new IP that's really good - Dragon's Dogma - while they go mad for shooter and football rehashes.

No wonder there's never any change and progress.

Avatar image for IAMTHEJOKER88

@Smokescreened84 I'm sorry how well has Call of Duty sold like everywhere?

'It says a lot about UK gamers' - no... it says a lot (actually very little) about gamers in general.

Don't presume to know anything about British culture, the first thing you'd know is that we pride our football. The general population doesn't go 'mad' for dragons.

Avatar image for halocheif147

@IAMTHEJOKER88 I agree, I love football, and the fact that it is summer and I would rather play football outside in the sunny weather (I wish, weather is dire at the moment) than fight imaginary dragons right now, more than likely will wait for the autumn/winter until I buy more gaes

Avatar image for margimargi17


Dragon's Dogma = Capcom = DLCs on disksee the problem? ^_^

Avatar image for Smokescreened84

@margimargi17 Means little, Dragon's Dogma is a largely complete game, the DLC quests are just collection quests. Any future DLC is likely still in development.

It's a more refreshing game than a shooter and highly enjoyable.

Avatar image for The-Neon-Seal

@Smokescreened84 @margimargi17 I agree, so far their just equipment packs and bonus quests. I had the choice of DD of GR... I got DD and i'm enjoying it.

Avatar image for The-Neon-Seal

Ah, yes, so the summer months begin, where full releases are few and arcade/dlc is the name of the game. Gah! Beaten to it!

Avatar image for Spartan_418

aaaaaand that's the summer gaming drought for ya.

Avatar image for Landsharkk

The game looks good, but they eliminated the great co-op experience from the past Ghost Recon games. That killed it for me. No more co-op campaign and no more 4 player split-screen. That was the only way I ever played Ghost Recon in the past, so I will no longer be buying Ghost Recon games unless they bring back the above.

I'm disappointed too, because I've been playing Ghost Recon since the very first game.

Avatar image for deadpeasant

@Landsharkk You kind of sound like me only i left after the first two games when they ditched the squad based open map style for linearity.

Avatar image for thechuck11

I love battlefield 3, but i didn't think it would still be in the top ten now, let alone in 4th place

Avatar image for Lotus-Edge

I'm sure May Payne will be up there for a while....

Avatar image for carlisledavid79

Haven't picked it up yet but it does look ok

Avatar image for SadPSPAddict

Interesting list - Expect FIFA 12 will continue to do well with Euro 2012 now well under way!