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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta Now Available On PC, PS4, And Xbox One

The beta runs through September 9.


The beta period for Ghost Recon Breakpoint has begun across all territories. If you pre-ordered the game, or if you were one selected from the pool of sign-ups, you can jump in now to help put the multiplayer through its paces ahead of its October 4 launch.

The beta will last through September 9 at the times listed below. For those who are participating, Ubisoft has published a primer for the beta including a list of known issues and detailed how to offer feedback.

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Ghost Recon Beta End Time (September 9)

  • 3 AM PT
  • 6 AM ET
  • 12 PM CET
  • 8 PM AET

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be the first major release as part of Ubisoft's Uplay+ subscription service, which offers a wide library of Ubisoft's back-catalog along with new releases. It has suffered a few technical hiccups upon launch. If you remain a subscriber as of October 1, you'll have access to the Ultimate Edition of Breakpoint.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will launch on October 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It is forgoing Steam in favor of the Epic Games Store, as a business decision. You can check out the PC specs to assure your system is ready.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Beta Known Issues

Visual and Animation Glitches

  • Players may occasionally experience visual glitches when switching to night vision mode inside Samuel’s cabin.
  • Players may see a floating weapon during the Killed in Action screen.
  • Some vehicle models are not identical before and after being destroyed.
  • When stowing a downed teammate in a vehicle, the animation sometimes does not play, and your teammate is seen standing up in the vehicle.


  • Players may in extremely rare cases lose their save data.


  • If a player starts a dialogue with an NPC during co-op, their teammates may hear parts of the dialogue even if they are far away.

Replication Issues

  • When in co-op, players might encounter replication issues such as seeing teammates performing actions that are different from what they are actually doing.
  • In a co-op session, when one player opens a chest, partners may not see the animation play in their session.
  • When in co-op, if a player is killed by friendly fire while on a ladder, the host of the session won't be able to revive them.
    • Workaround: Other players can revive them.
  • Sometimes after reviving a teammate, players can see this teammate still in down-state despite being healed.
    • Workaround: If this occurs, get healed by another player, or wait for the end of the timer and redeploy.
  • When in co-op, some turrets on vehicles might become invisible to one of the players in the session.
  • When in co-op, the vehicle may disappear while players are driving it.
  • When in co-op, enemies might not shoot or notice you if the session host does not have them in their view.


  • Some UI information might be missing or incorrect in menus or on the HUD.
  • When playing in languages other than English, players might encounter some symbols in the menus or missing information in settings.
  • Statistics displayed in-game may be inaccurate.
  • There won't be any description on the mission you've already completed on the objective board.
  • After choosing a preference for matchmaking situations, the text displayed will indicate that the choice is “No Preference.” This is a text issue, and the selection is taken into account.


  • When in co-op, players might see a pop-up appear during the cinematic with Fox if another player from their session skips it.


  • Players may rarely get stuck in some parts of the world.
    • Workaround: Fast travel.


Items Selection Wheel

  • When in co-op, players might get stuck in the Items Wheel selection if they join another player right after having used their Items Wheel.
    • Workaround: Players need to restart the game.

Eagles Down Mission

  • If a player joins another who has almost finished the Eagles Down mission, that player will not be able to use the skill points they will earn at the end of the mission if they have not killed enemies to level up.
    • Workaround: Kill some enemies or finish another quest to level up.


  • When getting injured, players may not be able to aim for several seconds.

PlayStation®4 System

  • Players might encounter some FPS drops when navigating through the CQC page in the customize tab.
  • When booting the game and spawning directly in Erewhon, NPCs might take some time to load.

Xbox One

  • Players might encounter error messages during public matchmaking.
  • Players might encounter some FPS drops when they are navigating through the CQC page in the customize tab.
  • Players may experience some collision issues if they crash their vehicle at high speeds around Erewhon.
    • Workaround: Fast Travel.


    • On PC, players might not have their progress saved if they leave the game pressing ALT+F4.
    • On PC, when navigating the objective board or the skill tree, the screen will scroll in the wrong direction when pressing right or left buttons.
    • Zoom out animation resets instead of fading when pressing ALT in the customize menu.
    • Players may encounter crashes during their playtime.
    • The settings of the game might not be the default settings that first-time players used to launch the game.
      • Workaround: Use the button, “Back to default.”
    • On PC, when using a 4K monitor, the game will always boot at the desktop's default resolution regardless of in-game settings.
    • On PC, if players on Windows 7 using a 1080p or 2K monitor change the resolution in the in-game settings, the game will crash if they try to revert the settings to default after rebooting the game.

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