Ghost Of Tsushima: How To Unlock The Iki Island Expansion

Here's what you need to do to access the Iki Island content in Ghost of Tsushima for PS4 and PS5.


Alongside the release of Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut on comes the Iki Island expansion on PS5 and PS4. Like all post-release content, there's a specific way to gain access to it. Below we detail what you need to do to start playing the next chapter of Jin's journey.

For the uninitiated, the Iki Island expansion takes Jin to its titular location, where he must confront the demons of his past. The content gives you an entirely new region to explore, packed with new Tales to complete, collectibles to grab, and enemies to fight.

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1. You Need To Progress Through To Act 2

If you no longer have any backup saves and have nothing but your new game or new game plus save to fall back onto, then you'll be fortunate to know that you only need to get to Act 2 (Toyotoma Region) to access the Iki Island expansion. Otherwise, read on if you already have access to a late-game save.

2. A New Tale Will Pop Up Called "Journey Into The Past"

Once you've met the aforementioned conditions, a new Tale will show up on the map called "Journey Into The Past." It's located in the Toyotoma Region at the Drowned Man's Shore; if it doesn't appear in your Journal, head to Drowned Man's Shore and it should appear on your map. Tag it and then follow the guiding wind to the location.

3. Start The Questline To Travel To Iki Island

When you arrive, you'll find something fishy: an abandoned Mongol ship has made it to shore. Investigate, and you'll soon find yourself entangled in a surprise battle against the Mongols. You'll also be introduced to the expansion's new enemy type: Shamans. Eliminate the invaders and then make your way to the ship that'll take you to Iki Island.

Before you go, heed the warning given to you by the game.ou won't be able to return to Tsushima for quite some time after you embark, so make sure you have your affairs in order. You won't be able to come back until after completing several story quests on Iki Island. We recommend earning the Ghost armor, Kenshi armor, and Sakai Clan armor before leaving for Iki Island.

For more about Ghost of Tsushima's Iki Island expansion, be sure to read our full review. Otherwise, be sure to check out our other Iki Island guides roundup and our guides roundup for the base game.

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