Ghost of Tsushima - Horizon Forbidden West Armor: How To Complete Forbidden Shrine

Following the new update in Ghost of Tsushima, Jin can don the new armor set from Horizon Forbidden West.


Ghost of Tsushima got an update earlier this week that offered a few different changes, and headlining the patch is a new armor set inspired by Horizon Forbidden West. Sucker Punch has tucked away another Wind Shrine to the north of the map, and if you complete it, you'll earn the Seeker's Attire and Sign of the Hunter headband, both of which look plucked right out of Guerrilla's upcoming science-fiction sandbox. Here's how to complete the Forbidden Shrine puzzle and earn the free crossover armor for yourself. You'll be able to enjoy it for about a week until you can play Forbidden West for real.

Ghost of Tsushima new update - Forbidden Shrine

The Forbidden West crossover can only be obtained if you have the Iki Island expansion, which comes as part of Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut. Head to the northernmost point of Iki Island to Raider Promontory. Take out the small group of raiders here, then look to the statue overlooking the disquieted ocean.

This is the Forbidden Shrine. At the foot of the statue is a scroll featuring a riddle. It reads: "The old world is gone. Though life is never-ending. Focus your spirit. Take up the Archer's mantle. A Seeker must aim for truth."

This is rather cryptic, but the archer they allude to is probably Aloy from Horizon, though you'll need the help of your own in-universe archer to solve the puzzle. In your gear menu, put on Tadayori's armor or his straw hat--either one will do. You get this armor from having beaten The Legend of Tadayori in the original game. When equipped, you'll be able to use the famed archer's focus ability (by pressing the touch pad) to see weak points on the statue. They'll glow red, with two on the front of the statue and one more on the back. Fire arrows at all three of these in no specific order, and that's it.

You'll need to witness the glowing spots using Tadayori's armor before you can shoot them, even if you know where they are already.
You'll need to witness the glowing spots using Tadayori's armor before you can shoot them, even if you know where they are already.

A short cutscene will play out showing Jin bowing at the statue and wearing the special armor. From then on, your Tadayori armor set will include an alternate skin that gives Jin a matching set with Aloy, not unlike some of the other crossover armor we've seen in Ghost of Tsushima, such as God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, and Bloodborne. You can continue upgrading the armor if you haven't yet, and each upgrade will give you buffs to your bow skills, such as increased nocking and reload speed, better concentration time, and allowing headshots to refill your concentration meter.

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