Ghost Of Tsushima Hidden Trophy Guide: How To Unlock The Platinum

There are several hidden Trophies in Ghost of Tsushima that require you to find specific items or visit hidden locations. Here's how to unlock them all.


Warning! Information about one of these hidden Trophies is a spoiler for a story beat toward the end of Act 2 of Ghost of Tsushima's main quest line. We've left it at the bottom of this list and blocked out key info to help you remain unspoiled, but we recommend you proceed with caution if you don't want to know anything about what might happen.

You'll earn a whole bunch of Trophies as you explore the world of Ghost of Tsushima, and if you're the kind of completionist who likes to unlock everything, you'll find plenty to seek out in the game. But in addition to Trophies unlocked for completing story missions and discovering locations that upgrade your abilities, there are also several tougher-to-get hidden Trophies that require extra effort.

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Ghost of Tsushima's hidden Trophies can be tough to find and unlock--some of them are the hardest to get in the game. The good news is, we've unlocked them all and earned the coveted Platinum Trophy in Ghost of Tsushima, and solved every puzzle along the way. Here's a rundown of every hidden Trophy in the game and what it takes to unlock them.

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Ghost Of Tsushima Hidden Trophies

The Headstrong Thief

This hidden Trophy unlocks when you complete all of the Yuna's Tales missions. Yuna's set of tales is actually pretty small, so this one's the easiest of the character tale Trophies to unlock.

The Unbending Archer

Find and complete all nine of Sensei Ishikawa's Tales to unlock this one. You'll need to progress into Act 3 to unlock them all, but it's recommended that you complete them around the time they become available, to better develop the characters who appear in the main quest.

The Vengeful Warrior

Find and complete all of Lady Masako's Tales to get this hidden Trophy. There are nine in total, but the last few won't unlock until you reach Act 3 in the main quest.

The Warrior Monk

Complete all of Norio's Tales to get this Trophy. You'll meet him early in Act 2, but like the other characters, the conclusion of his story arc requires you to reach Act 3 to unlock it.

Monochrome Masters

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To get the Monochrome Masters Trophy, you'll need to locate two specific merchants: the White Dye Merchant and the Black Dye Merchant. These specific clothing makers are the only ones who deal in those colors, and each can only be found in one place on the island. Look for the White Dye Merchant in Izuhara, west of Wanderer's Pass on top of a mountain. The Black Dye Merchant is in Toyotama, slightly southwest of Urashima's Village, in a cave. Our Black and White Dye Merchant guide will make finding them easy. Use flowers to buy one dye from each merchant to get the Trophy--what you purchase is up to you.

Den of Thieves

The Den of Thieves Trophy will unlock as part of the story in Act 2 when you locate the town of Umugi Cove. That said, you'll still have to expend some effort to uncover the town, which is in the southwest corner of Toyotama. Umugi is hidden in a gorge, and the pathway into it is somewhat maze-like. As you approach from the north, you'll enter some twisting pathways through the gorge. Watch for red flowers along the path: if the flowers are lining the sides of the path, you're going in the right direction. If the flowers cross the path as if to create a wall, they're telling you you're going the wrong way.

Honor the Unseen

In addition to Shinto Shrines and Inari Shrines scattered around Tsushima Island, there are several "hidden altars" throughout the game as well. These are often marked by signs with a bowing silhouette on them, indicating that you should bow before them--and if it really is a hidden altar, bowing will trigger an interesting effect. Bowing at 10 hidden altars unlocks the Honor the Unseen Trophy. You'll find them at statues, in cemeteries, at Shinto Shrines, at Pillars of Honor, and in random locations in fields and on the banks of rivers. You'll find lots of them incidentally as you explore, but if you need a few to close out the Trophy, check out our Hidden Altars guide.

Lost and Found

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This Trophy requires you to locate a Pillar of Honor, one of the collectible locations scattered around the game world. Each Pillar also includes a sword kit, allowing you to customize your katana and tanto sheaths. There are lots of Pillars around the island and it's not tough to find them, but if you want a quick and easy one to trigger the Trophy, head to the north end of Izuhara into Kaneda Inlet to find one on the beach there.

Have A Nice Fall

This combat Trophy is unlocked by killing an enemy with fall damage--which pretty much means knocking them off a cliff. Early in the game, however, it's not especially obvious how to knock enemies off cliffs. The trick is to unlock some key upgrades to Jin's character. You want either the Shoulder Charge upgrade in the Evasion tree under Samurai abilities, or the Strengthened Typhoon Kick upgrade in the Wind Stance tree. Both give you the ability to send enemies flying, and once you have one, it's just a matter of finding a conveniently placed Mongol in a high location to unlock the Trophy.

Witness Protection

This is also a Trophy that unlocks a little later in the game. As you build your legend as the Ghost of Tsushima, you'll start to incorporate fighting styles and tactics that have a chance of inflicting a debuff on enemies called Terrify. Basically, when an enemy soldier sees you kill one of his compatriots, there's a chance he might become frightened, stumbling to the ground, backing away, or even fleeing the battle entirely. To get this Trophy, watch for a Terrified enemy to make a run for it, then shoot him with an arrow before he can escape. The Concentration upgrade in the Ghost skill tree makes it pretty easy.

Cooper Clan Cosplayer

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This is low-key the most difficult Trophy to unlock in the game, especially if you don't know exactly what it's asking you to do. This is Sucker Punch creating an Easter egg referencing its Sly Cooper franchise. You unlock this Trophy by dressing up like Sly and his Cooper Clan ancestors, which means finding three key items in the world and equipping them at the same time.

To unlock the Trophy, you need to equip three things: Gosaku's Armor, which you'll earn by completing the Unbreakable Gosaku Mythic Tale (you'll also need to purchase the Ocean's Guardian armor dye from a merchant); the Crooked Kama Headband, a vanity item hidden atop Jogaku Temple in Kamiagata; and the Sly Tanuki Sword Kit, which you can find at a Pillar of Honor on the Kin, on the cliffs off its eastern point, in Kamiagata. Check out our full Cooper Clan Cosplayer guide for more details on how to find all the gear necessary for the Trophy. Our Mythic Tales guide will help you get Gosaku's Armor, along with the rest of the best items in the game.

Dirge of the Fallen Forge

This Trophy is a story spoiler, so if you haven't completed reached the Fate of Tsushima tale in Act 2, stop reading now.

To unlock this Trophy, you need to find enough Singing Crickets to unlock the Lament of the Storm song for your flute. After that, complete the main quest tale A Reckoning in Blood. Afterward, visit Taka's Grave, on the east side of Yarikawa in Toyotama, just east of Yarikawa Stronghold. Play the flute song there to unlock the Trophy.

Play the Lament of the Storm at a friend's grave (Taka's grave in Act 2)

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