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Ghost Of Tsushima Has A Confirmed Release Window

Ghost of Tsushima will release in Summer 2020.


Ghost of Tsushima, one of the last major PS4 exclusives we know about, has been veiled in secrecy for a while. In a trailer shown at last year's The Game Awards show, we learned a little more about what the game might be, and now have a general release window: Summer 2020.

Developed by Infamous series studio Sucker Punch, Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world action stealth game set in feudal Japan. You play as one of the only samurai to survive the Mongol invasion of the island of Tsushima in 1274. Your job is to sneak around, fight enemies, and take the island back. In an E3 2018 trailer, we got a closer look at Ghost of Tsushima's stunning world and gameplay. Reminiscent of traditional samurai films, we see the protagonist, Jin, in the Otsuna Grassland. He squares off with three Mongol invaders, to meet up with his ally Masako. Not only is the open-world absolutely breathtaking, the battles are beautifully choreographed to fit into the picturesque beauty of feudal Japan.

While the release window has only just been announced, you can already pre-order it if you live in the UK, over at GAME. Currently, Ghost of Tsushima is not available for pre-order in North America (an early Best Buy listing for the game has since been taken down). We'll update this article once we see North American pre-orders go live. In the meantime, UK residents can pre-order the game at GAME. We also expect special editions and pre-order bonuses will be confirmed in the future. As soon as we have more pre-order information for Ghost of Tsushima, we'll include that info here, so stay tuned. For now, catch up on everything we know about Ghost of Tsushima.

Official cover art
Official cover art

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