Ghost Of Tsushima Haiku Location Guide

Track down all of the Haiku Locations in Ghost of Tsushima if you want to find all of Jin Sakai's Vanity Gear and unlock the Mind, Body, and Spirit Trophy.


All over Ghost of Tsushima are special locations where you can take in the beauty of the island while earning new items and abilities. Inari and Shinto Shrines give you new perk charms to equip, hot springs increase your overall health, and haiku locations let you compose short poems while unlocking Vanity Gear to customize your samurai warrior look.

There are 19 Haiku locations in total in Ghost of Tsushima, but they're not always easy or obvious to find. Some are even only available as part of various tales you'll play through around the island. Here's where to find every Haiku location, which is part of unlocking the Mind, Body, and Spirit Trophy.

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Hiyoshi 1

The first Haiku in the game is actually easy to miss if you don't thoroughly explore around Hiyoshi Springs. You'll find a man sitting on a rock in the hills north of the town. He'll call out to you and give you a quick Haiku tutorial, but there won't be a regular Haiku icon until you speak with him. Your reward for completing it is the Headband of Serenity.

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Hiyoshi 2

There's another location marked "Hiyoshi Haiku," in addition to the one just north of Hiyoshi Springs. Find this one south of Old Woodsman's Canopy. You'll get the Headband of Peace for completing it.

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Komoda Haiku

Find this Haiku near Wolf Cub Falls in Komoda. Your reward is the Headband of Defeat.

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Azamo Haiku

Find the Amazo Haiku on the east side of Izuahara, just east of Kuta Bridge and southeast of Kuta Grasslands. You'll get the Headband of the Invasion from it.

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Ariake Haiku

This Haiku spot is located on the small island in the middle of Lake Izuhara. It'll give you the Headband of Refuge.

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Kashine Haiku

Head west of Shigenori Peak, right next to a Pillar of Honor, to find this Haiku. The reward is the Headband of Fear.

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Komatsu Haiku

This Haiku location is right in the middle of Black Sands Inlet, on the west side of Izuhara. You'll get the Headband of Strife for finding it.

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Tsutsu Haiku

The Haiku location in Tsutsu is just north of Ohama Fishing Village, and gives you the Headband of Death for finding it.

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Akashima Haiku

You'll find this Haiku near the southern Toyotama coast. It's just west of Duel in the Drowning Marsh location, and gives the Headband of Uncertainty.

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Umugi Haiku

This one is right in the middle of the Field of Equinox Flowers and provides the Headband of Perseverance as a reward.

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Otsuna Haiku

In Otsuna, look just south of Musashi Coast for this Haiku. It rewards the Headband of Survival.

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Kushi Hiaku

Find Kushi's Haiku location north of Benkei's Falls. It gives the Headband of Preservation.

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Kubara Haiku

Head just east of Kubara Forest to find the Kubara Haiku, where you'll get the Headband of Rebirth.

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Kin Haiku

Look north of Kin Sanctuary on the cliffs on the northeast side of the lake for this Haiku. Your reward here is the Headband of Ruin.

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Sago Haiku

The Sago Haiku is on the western edge of the prefecture, on the cliff above the beach, northwest of Guardian's Ridge. Your reward is the Headband of Hope.

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Jogaku Haiku

Your last Haiku on the map is at the extreme north end of the map, on Whaler's Coast. It'll give you the Headband of Strength.

Story Haikus

There are three points where you'll write Haikus as part of story quests. Two of them take place at key moments in the main quest, in Act 2 and Act 3, so we won't spoil them here. There's also one in the last of Yuriko's Tales, which count as Tales of Tsushima. You'll unlock access to Yuriko's Tale in Act 2.

Final Three Haikus:

  • Act 2 Main Quest Tale
  • Act 3 Main Quest Tale
  • Yuriko's Tale

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