Ghost Of Tsushima Developer Confirms That Your Horse Is Invincible And Won't Break Your Heart

Your horse might get scared and run off for a brief period, but it won't die.


In Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima (read our Ghost of Tsushima review here), horseback riding is very important. It's the most efficient way to get around the map, the developers say. And now, they have also confirmed one very important detail about your horse--it cannot die.

"Your horse is not gonna die," Sucker Punch creative director Jason Connell told USGamer. "Your horse will get scared and run away. You may not be able to bring them back for a brief, brief moment, but nobody's gonna in combat, in gameplay, kill your horse."

Animals play a part in Ghost of Tsushima, helping your character find shrines--but you can't kill them. There is no hunting system in the game, Connell added.

"It kind of goes in theme with a lot of the other stuff we're doing with nature. Our actor has a nice, sweet sensibility to him. He cares about animals and people, and it comes through in his performance," Connell added.

Ghost of Tsushima is taking a very different approach to another game with horses, Red Dead Redemption II. In that title, your horse can die--and it's very sad when it happens.

The horse won't be the only animal that the game treats well--the developer has confirmed that you'll also be able to pet the fox. Ghost of Tsushima releases on July 17 for PS4, following another high-profile PS4 game, The Last of Us: Part II, which launches on June 19.

For lots more on Ghost of Tsushima, check out GameSpot's video above where we run down six interesting facts you might not know.

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