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Ghost Of Tsushima Co-Op Update Is Live: Here's How To Play It

Here's when and how you'll be teaming up with your samurai pals in Ghost of Tsushima.


Update: The Legends update is available now for Ghost of Tsushima as a 9GB download on PSN. In addition to downloading the 1.1 update itself, you'll also need to grab the Legends DLC pack, which is available for free on the PlayStation Store. As noted below, you can access the mode either by speaking with Gyozen or selecting the new Legends option available in the main menu.

Once you dive in, you'll be presented with a brief tutorial to either teach you the game's basic mechanics or remind you of how to play. It also runs you through the unique abilities of the four playable classes. Once you've tested each one out, you'll select one to unlock as your starter class, and by playing, you'll be able to eventually unlock access to the others. Much like in the campaign, you'll also earn new gear (along with new customization options, like sword effects) and be able to acquire new techniques to provide you with more options in combat. There are two- and four-player co-op modes, and a raid is also on the way for Legends, but that will come sometime after launch.

Here's a tip if you're struggling as a team: while you can learn where a map's spawn points are, the spawn order is randomized, so you'll want to look to the sky for fireworks to indicate where enemies are coming from. Use the ping system if you spot fireworks, because they'll show where enemies are coming from. Good luck.

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Original Story: Ghost of Tsushima's huge free Legends update is right around the corner, and it'll add four-player co-op to the game. Update 1.1 hits today, and now developer Sucker Punch has revealed exactly when you can try it out, and how to access it in-game.

According to Sucker Punch, the update will start rolling out today at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET. They expect the game to be available in all regions, worldwide, within an hour of this time. For some regions, this will be quite late: if you're in the AEST timezone, for instance, it'll arrive at 1 AM on October 17.

Once Update 1.1 has been downloaded, there are two ways to access the Legends co-op mode. You can either talk to a new in-game character, Gyozen, who will be marked on your map, or simply select "Legends" from the main menu. It couldn't be any easier.

Taking either of these actions will load up the PlayStation Store, where you can download a free piece of DLC to enable this mode.

From there, you can team up with friends and choose from the four available classes, so make sure you coordinate with some friends beforehand.

The update will also add a New Game+ option to Ghost of Tsushima, which will add some new gear--including a Charm that lets you befriend dogs. If you've been itching to play through the game again, this is the way to do it.

Ghost of Tsushima earned a 7/10 in GameSpot's review of the single-player campaign. It will get a PS5 performance patch to make the framerate even higher. In a game based on precision and reaction times, this should make it even more engaging.

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