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Ghost of Tsushima Black And White Armor Dye: Where To Find The Merchants

Here's how to find these secret dye merchants in Ghost of Tsushima.


While the merchants you find in the world of Ghost of Tsushima offer a decent range of purchasable colors for your outfits, you might notice they lack some key colors: black and white. This is because these particular colors are only sold by specialized dealers hidden in the world. If you're a samurai fashion aficionado, then you'll want to track these merchants down to further widen the choices available in your outfit color palette. You can also get new colorways for your Half Bow and Long Bow here.

Finding both the White Dye and Black Dye Merchants is required for unlocking the Monochrome Masters Hidden Trophy. The White Dye Merchant can be accessed as soon as you gain access to exploring the world, as you can find him in the Izuhara region. But to access the Black Dye Merchant--who's in the Toyotoma region--you'll first need to reach Act 2 in the story. If you're not there yet, read our Ghost of Tsushima Act 1 walkthrough to ensure you make it with no issues. Also, you need Flowers to purchase these dyes, so if you need help finding flowers, consult our crafting resource guide for suggestions.

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With all that said, below you can find details on how to specifically find both dye merchants. We've got plenty more Ghost of Tsushima guides and coverage to help you get everything out of the game. Check out our full Ghost of Tsushima guide rundown, and if you haven't already, read our Ghost of Tsushima review.

White Dye Merchant

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Location: West of Wanderer's Pass in the Izuhara region

As mentioned, you can find the White Dye Merchant as soon as you gain access to the open world at the start of Act 1. It's a bit of trek to get to him though, as he's up on a small mountain found further north of the Izuhara region. When you arrive in the general vicinity, you can either take the paved roads from the west or approach from the east and climb the mountain via handholds to get to him. Regardless, you'll know you're in the right place when you see a tower with a ton of white fabric strewn about. Speak to the White Dye Merchant to access his stock. He sells white colorways for the following bow and armor:

Bow Vanity Gear

  • Longbow -- Nine-Tailed Fox (5 Flowers)

Armor Dyes

  • Traveler's Attire -- Graceful Pathfinder (10 Flowers)
  • Ronin Attire -- Moonlight Slayer (10 Flowers)
  • Kensei Armor -- Pure Reckoning (10 Flowers)
  • Gosaku's Armor -- Island Bulwark (10 Flowers)


  • Pure Intent Headband (20 Flowers)

**Minor spoilers for armor appearances in the screenshot gallery below

Black Dye Merchant

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Location: Slightly southwest of Urashima's village, which is at east-most point of the Toyotoma region

You'll find the Black Dye Merchant hidden in a cave amid the bamboo thicket. You'll know you've arrived when you see bamboo stands with black fabric. Enter the cave and speak to the Black Dye Merchant to access his stock. He sells black colorways for the following bow and armor:

Bow Vanity Gear

  • Half Bow -- Piercing Shadows (5 Flowers)

Armor Dyes

  • Tadayori's Armor -- Hunter at Dusk (10 Flowers)
  • Traveler's Attire -- Journey Into Night (10 Flowers)
  • Sakai Clan Armor -- Lord of Night (10 Flowers)
  • Gosaku's Armor -- Unwavering Mountain (10 Flowers)
  • Ghost Armor -- Shadow of Justice (10 Flowers)
  • Kensei Armor -- Kensei Armor (10 Flowers)

**Minor spoilers for armor appearances in the screenshot gallery below

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