Gfinity Partner With Blizzard, Announces G3 WCS Global Event Status

In a tweet it was announced that Gfinity's G3 tournament will have WCS Global status.


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Apart from the fact that Gfinity have progressed to one of their biggest venues yet with their minimum guaranteed prizepool of $175,000 the English based event has recently announced that it has been included in the StarCraft2 WCS event circuit, giving them the right to hand out the all-important WCS points for the annual StarCraft2 world championships hosted by Blizzard.

The news comes shortly after Gfinity partnered up with Blizzard for their event which takes place on August 2nd and 3rd in the Copperbox Arena in London. The event will have just 12 players, with 9 being invited while the final 3 can place through qualifiers. As it seems the competition will gain the same WCS level as DreamHacks do, with the winner being awarded 750 WCS points in addition to the lion's share of the prize money.

The event will be played offline in London, being casted by Khaldor and Tetcher. Other than StarCraft2 the tournament also features CS:GO, CoD, and Fifa14.

The relevant tweet by @gfinity:

The invites handed out so far have went to:

  • TLO
  • MC
  • Grubby
  • HyuN
  • Jjakji
  • StarDust

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