Getting Destroyed In Destiny 2 PvP? Don't Worry A Fix Is Coming

Destiny 2's Competitive PvP is undergoing some changes.


Bungie is not completely satisfied with the state of Destiny 2's PvP. In Bungie's latest weekly blog post, the developer said while the Quickly Crucible playlist is "working as we had hoped," the Competitive playlist is running into some issues.

Specifically, it's a matter of unfair matches happening too often. "Too many players are getting stomped by opponents who grossly outmatch them," Bungie said. Indeed, in my own sessions, I've been on both sides of the equation--and neither is very fun. So it's nice to hear Bungie is making a change to help even out the playing field.

In Competitive, matchmaking times are longer. But the tradeoff is that the matches are supposed to be hosted on a better connection and with opponents who more closely match your own skill level. Right now, however, there is a bug that is leading to uneven matches. Bungie said it is "applying that fix right now," so this shouldn't be an issue for much longer.

"If you've been having fun in Quickplay, nothing has changed. Game on. If you've been getting your ass kicked in Competitive, you'll have more of a fighting chance," Bungie said. "If you've been kicking ass in Competitive, we're sending some worthier opponents your way."

Bungie added that the Crucible will always be changing in response to feedback and data. "It adapts to the way you play, so this won't be the last update we apply to the state of combat," the developer explained.

In other Destiny 2 news, Bungie has released a brief teaser trailer for the game's Trials of the Nine Crucible event, which kicks off later this week--watch it here.

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