Get your song in Guitar Hero II

Competition seeks independent artists to feature in music sequel.


RedOctane is holding a competition for independent artists to feature in Guitar Hero II. The competition asks budding artists to submit a track in MP3 format before the end of June, via the game's community Web site

The grand prize winner will have their song featured in the top secret track list for Guitar Hero II, which launches in America this November (European release date is unconfirmed, as the original only launched this month). The song must feature a lead guitar, and also be either hard rock or heavy metal. For their troubles, the winner will enjoy a number of other cool prizes, including:

  • Epiphone G-400 Electric Guitar
  • EMG Zakk Wylde pickup set
  • Krank Distortus Maximus distortion pedal
  • Pacific Drums and Percussion CX Drumset
  • Morley Pedal Steve Vai Bad Horsie Wah pedal
  • Copy of Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II

RedOctane also promises to advertise the winner's involvement in the game through "game launch promotions." The winners of a similar competition for the first game, Graveyard BBQ, will be at the Electronic Entertainment Expo performing their song "Cheat on the Church."

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Dammit, i want Powerslave bands to appear in this game!

Avatar image for billybob12123

i learning to play guitar, hard as hell.

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Sweet, my band is recording in the coming months, mite just enter this 1!

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first game STANKED!

Avatar image for Mother-Beef

man that wod b awsome.. Epiphone G-400 Electric Guitar ... id rather a gibson

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nice i cant wait to play my guitar again

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Okay 'coastermaster' if you like Green Day, that's fine. But do nut label them as PUNK, because they are not PUNK. Punk inludes bands like the Ramones, Sex Pistols and newer bands like Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.

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That's a great competition. Wish I could play guitar.

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thats tight mabye they'll get famous... \m/

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sweet! Some of my friends could totally win this!

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I think that the group that views Greenday as talented extends beyond the realm of 14 year old girls with depression. Whether your dislike of them is a result of their Top 40 popularity I think that many of the bands you enjoy would label Good Riddance as an excellent song (unless of course you do not like punk music, in which case your opinion on Greenday's talent is really unnecessary). Personally I feel that the new album offers a huge leap in lyrical quality and wish that more bands put this much effort into the message behind their music rather than the sound of the guitar (those songs are only fitting for Guitar Hero! [note that I managed to tie this into the thread])

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I love how Gamespot never did any big fancy news update when the first game was doing the same thing.

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I am so doing that

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Cheat on Chruch is one of the best song in the game IMO. A band like that should be big. I enjoy playing that song and listening to it more then any other song in the game period.

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Kool game, Kool idea, Kool competition, Kool prizes. Wow... These guys are kool.

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Pretty good contest. I don't really know how to play a guitar, but good luck to all those that submit your music in.

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Hmm...there are worse bands than Green Day, but not many. Sum 41 is the first one that comes to mind. Oh well... I can play drums and piano, but not guitar, so I'm pretty much screwed there. Luckily the people at Red Octane have a great sense of "rock" music, so I have faith that they will make a good choice of independent song(s) for Guitar Hero II.

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Does anyone else see how the game is going to start with your 'band' playing their 'songs' till you move up to other songs?

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Ah, man. My friend's band is good enough to have a chance, but they recently lost their drummer and guitarist due to work-related problems. Woulda been awesome to see them give it a go. Heck, I like their music better than a few of the songs in the first Guitar Hero. In any case, can't wait for this game to come out!

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ooooh!!! i hope one of our songs is good enough!!! it doesn't have audio though :(

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have to be living in the US for the comp :(

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Hmmm... I'll to talk with the band about this...

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oo kick ass ... rock for the win :P

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Greenday's got talent! Just ask 14 year old girls with depression! Contest sounds cool, but I can even play GH that well let alone play one cord on a real guitar. DANG!

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Mattmarr that was some fun stuff!!! hehe...i for one am going to submit my songs then. I think i might win....look out for ralph or lageasy as the winner all of you yeeehaaaa!!!!!!

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I still need to pick up the first one at some point.

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i agree with that.

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Good point.

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EclipseStorm, you don't need to be in a band that's really good, you can make it big without having any talent at all, just look at Green Day.

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awesome contest. cheat on the church is a hard song to play too, didnt know amatuers wrote it.

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sweet prize pack... too bad I'm not in a band that's really good.

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cool prizes, just wish i was good enough to be in with a chance to win them lol