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Get Your Free Escape From Tarkov Money While You Still Can

Battlestate Games gives away 1 million in-game roubles to all Tarkov players.


Escape From Tarkov's developers have apologized on Twitter for the weekend's server issues, which kept many players out of the game or caused them to be disconnected mid-raid. But studio Battlestate Games is doing more than just apologizing--it's compensating players with 1 million in-game roubles for the trouble.

In a tweet explaining the situation, Battlestate Games says players have three days (starting February 10) to collect their free in-game cash. Just load up the game and find your compensation in the form of a letter in your messenger at the bottom right. You can collect your roubles even if you didn't play Escape From Tarkov this weekend and weren't directly affected by the server issues. The letter will remain in your messages for 48 hours the next time you login. If you've already launched the game but haven't collected your roubles, you should check now before it's too late.

Some Tarkov players have accepted the gift warmly, while others question whether it's enough. Players who disconnect from Escape From Tarkov mid-raid and aren't able to re-connect risk losing all of their loot, including gear they brought into the session with them--even if the disconnection was due to uncontrollable factors like server instability. The appeal of Tarkov comes from its high-risk, high-reward gameplay, but a bad connection is never a welcome part of any raid. Players are offered the chance to re-connect if they've lagged out of a game, but there's no guarantee it will work or that their gear will be recovered.

Battlestate Games assures players it's "working tirelessly to improve the server situation." For newer players, a free 1 million roubles isn't a bad deal.

If you haven't checked it out yet, you can pre-order Escape From Tarkov now and get instant access to its closed beta. There are no microtransactions in Escape From Tarkov, but there are currently four editions, three of which will secure you additional gear and a bigger stash at the start. In-game currency like the aforementioned roubles are used to purchase weapons, ammo, firearm mods, medical supplies, and more, either via in-game NPC traders or the player-run flea market.

Escape From Tarkov does not currently have a release date.

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