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Get Two Free PC Games On Steam This Weekend

Why spend money when games like these are free?


Here's good news for anyone looking to save money: two PC games have gone free this weekend on Steam. This isn't one of those "free play weekend" deals where you lose access after the weekend is over, either. If you download Guns of Icarus Alliance and Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition while they're free, you can keep and play them forever without spending any money at all.

Developer Muse Games says it's doing the Guns of Icarus Alliance giveaway over Memorial Day weekend "in honor of those who served." The game will be free between now and Tuesday, May 29, after which it will go back up to its regular price of $15.

Guns of Icarus Alliance is a game of team-based airship battles set in a steampunk world. Somewhat like Sea of Thieves, it has you and your teammates work together, taking on roles of pilot, gunner, and engineer to control the ship and defeat your enemies. Alliance is an expanded version of 2012's Guns of Icarus Online that adds a number of PvE experiences to a previously PvP-only game. So now players can team up to fight other real-life opponents or run base assaults, convoy raids, and escort missions against AI-controlled enemies.

The other weekend freebie is Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition, a PC strategy game from 2006 that's set in a future when humans have ventured out and colonized other planets. Unfortunately, several races of aliens were already out there, sparking an intergalactic war of civilizations. Your job is to lead humanity on its quest to conquer the stars. To that effect, you must manage resources and deploy forces in order to defeat (or befriend) the enemies through military conquest, cultural domination, alliance, or technological supremacy.

Galactic Civilizations II was well-received when it launched, earning an 86/100 on our sister site Metacritic and getting praise in particular for its crafty enemy AI.

Both games are free for a limited time, so add them to your Steam library before they go back up to full price.

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