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Get This Under-Appreciated Gem For $15

Is it a monster or a coffee mug?


Arcane Studios' Prey is a remarkable game. It didn't quite get the love it deserved, perhaps in part because of the off-putting advertisements that placed a gross bloodshot eye front and center. But don't let a disgusting piece of marketing keep you from playing a fine game--especially when you can get it for less than $15.

Right now Amazon is selling the PS4 version of Prey for $14.53. That's a fantastically good deal for a game that got a 79/100 on our sister site Metacritic. Prey is also currently available on Xbox One for $19 and on PC for $20.

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Prey takes place in 2032, when humans have built a space station that orbits the moon. Naturally, we use the space station to perform some highly risky experiments, one of which goes horribly wrong. Enter a swarm of murderous, shape-shifting aliens who take over the station and commit gruesome acts of violence on its inhabitants.

That's where you come in. You play as Dr. Morgan Yu, a character you can customize according to the play-style of your choice. Your job is to fend off (or sneak by) the aliens using an array of sci-fi weapons and abilities. For every problem the game presents, clever players can find numerous solutions, thanks to the interlocking systems Prey puts in your hands.

It's a worthy game that deserves another look for anyone who passed it by last year. And for these low prices, you can't really go wrong.

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