Get This Free Driveclub PS4 Theme

Christmas comes early for Driveclub fans.


Driveclub developer Evolution Studios has a Christmas gift for you. The studio has announced that it's giving away a Theme based on the PS4 racing game as a holiday gift for everyone.

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It's a static theme, but the minimalist art style is pretty nice-looking. You can click through the images in the gallery above to get a closer look. Like what you see? The free theme is available to download from the PlayStation Store right now.

In other Driveclub news, Evolution has teased some of the DLC tracks coming to the game in 2016.

Driveclub got off to a rocky start when it launched in October 2014, but it's rebounded since and has sold more than 2 million copies. An expansion, Driveclub Bikes, was released earlier this year, while Evolution continues to support the main game with regular updates and new content.

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Damn, the theme itself is very nice - but the motor sounds are just too annoying.

Ambient, chill music is the way to go - Transistor, Witcher 3 and FFXIV are my fav themes in this aspect.

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@Lunastra78: You can always turn the music and SFX off if you want.

Avatar image for lenyora-sama

sweet,gonna pick this up now

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so...if you are not a ps+ member, you can not buy this game from the psn store? I buy all my games physical, but I can not find this in my local store, so I thought, instead of ordering it, why not just for this, buy it digital, but in psn I can find only the ps+ edition

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@baral-o: You don't need PS+ to buy games from the PS store.

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@virtuasega: I know that, I had bought some digital only games in the past, but driveclub reads ps+exclusive in the buy button, and when I try to buy it, it tell me I need to subscribe

Avatar image for barcaazul


There are multiple versions. Normal and PS plus in the store.

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@baral-o: It might be an online only game, in which case you'd need PS+ to play it. That would be my guess at least.

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@virtuasega: that's not the case though, driveclub has a offline single player mode plus more free single player events as DLC, last year I rent it, it was a fun game, but I make the mistake and didn't buy it, and now I can not find it, I may end up order in it from ebay or something

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@baral-o: yes, looks as though ps+ is required for the digital version. you will need to find a physical copy if you wish to play single player is my guess. bizarre indeed.

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@baral-o: What region is your psn account (us, europe, etc)?

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@fish919: europe

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@baral-o: You can buy it under this link!/en-gb/games/driveclub/cid=EP9000-CUSA00003_00-XXXXXXXDRIVECLUB You may have to sign in if you haven't done that before.

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@fish919: unfortunately that's the UK store, but you did give me an idea, instead of going to the game list as normal, I tried the search option in my psn store and strangely enough, it appear (!) I don't understand why it was not in the game list,

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Nice surprise. Glad Driveclub picked it up and the way it has been supported since launch has been great.

Many teams might give up after such a rocky start but they continued to help this game settle into something pretty good.

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I go on the PlayStation Store every week to collect all the free stuff. Free themes, free avatars and free DLC even for games I don't own.

Some more Arkham Knight avatars were released yesterday including the Joker and Harley Quinn.