Get Thief, Batman Arkham games, Tomb Raider, many more for cheap in Amazon’s Mayhem sale

Get tons of deeply discounted digital games from Amazon’s Mayhem sale.


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Amazon is currently holding its huge Digital Games Mayhem sale.

The sale will last until the end of May, and offers as much as 80 percent off of many of its PC game codes and downloads.

Some good deals you might be interested in include Thief, down from $50 to $25 (or you can get the Master Thief Edition for $27), Tomb Raider, down from $20 to $8, and the Batman Mega Bundle, which includes all three of the released Arkham games, down from $90 to $22.50.

Other highlights include Sleeping Dogs, down from $20 to $6, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, down from, $60 to $30, and Just Cause 2, down from $15 to $4.50.

You’ll need either Steam, Origin, or Uplay to run most of these games, and Amazon will let you browse by your DRM of choice if you want to stick to just one of them.

You can find over a 1,000 items already on sale here, and Amazon says that it will introduce even more promos and bundles before the sale ends.

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