Get The Witcher For Free Right Now

Before the remake arrives, grab the original Witcher game for the low price of nothing in this GOG deal.


Nothing is better than a free game, and right now on GOG, you can grab the very first entry in the Witcher series for essentially nothing. You'll need to tackle some light work to claim it, as getting your hands on the enhanced edition of the RPG requires signing up for the GOG newsletter. As an extra bonus, you'll also score a free Card Keg for Gwent. Plus, the end result will be email notifications of good deals on GOG whenever they're available (you can always unsubscribe at a later time).

In case you haven't heard of it, GOG is owned by Witcher company CD Projekt and is a digital storefront similar to Steam. It's home to a wide selection of modern and classic games, so if you prefer retro entertainment, this is a good store to visit first. What makes GOG different is that it has a "you buy it you own it" mentality, which means that games purchased through it don't come with intrusive DRM features.

Another great element of GOG is that many of its classic games are optimized to run on modern desktops, as these titles go through bug-fixing processes and are patched to be up to date when you purchase them.

As for The Witcher, there's no getting around the fact that this game is more dated in comparison to its two sequels. The good news is that the enhanced edition lives up to its name, and offers plenty of improvement when compared to its 2007 release.

"While the original game was an undeniably very good RPG epic with one of the most authentically adult storylines to ever grace the genre, this overhauled edition has turned that near-classic into a near-masterpiece," Brett Todd wrote in GameSpot's The Witcher: Enhanced Edition review.

It's still fascinating to see just how far the franchise has come, and with a Witcher remake officially in development, now is a good time to get the original game for the inevitable comparison to the newer version when it eventually releases.

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