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Get The Official Tim Sweeney's Office Zoom Background

Ahead of a big Play For All interview with Epic Games' Tim Sweeney and Kim Libreri, get yourself a free Zoom background of Sweeney's iconic office.


GameSpot's Play For All kicks off on June 1 and, alongside coverage of the biggest gaming announcements of the summer and daily charity livestreams, we're going to be delivering interviews with developers, publishers, execs, and more. To kick things off, we're pleased to reveal that the first of these interviews will be with Epic Games' Tim Sweeney and Kim Libreri.

Hot off announcing Unreal Engine 5 and showing it running on Sony's PlayStation 5, Sweeney and Libreri sat down with GameSpot to talk about Epic's impressive new development engine, what it means for the video game industry, how it will create bridges into other forms of entertainment, and, of course, what it means for Fortnite.

They also discuss the Epic Games Store, which has gained considerable ground in an area of game distribution that has, historically, been dominated by Valve's Steam store. All that, along with a variety of other topics are discussed, so you'll want to tune in and watch.

GameSpot is also proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Epic Games to publish and distribute the Official Tim Sweeney Office Zoom Background™. Sweeney has made numerous profound contributions to video games and, in many ways, guided its growth and development. However, we can all agree that one of his greatest contributions is the fantastic office space he debuted during a video interview for Summer Game Fest.

It's hard to describe what makes it so charming. It's obviously sparse, and yet so full of life and personality. Like Sweeney himself, its impact is understated but profound. And now you can put yourself in the same space he works out of in the house that Unreal Tournament built, courtesy of Epic Games.

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Play For All kicks off on Monday, when we'll have a stream highlighting what everyone can expect from the coming weeks. We'll also have the full interview with Sweeney and Libreri debuting during this alongside a special charity live stream featuring Giant Bomb. Check out the Play For All schedule for more. We're partnering with Direct Relief to raise money for healthcare workers, and you can donate here.

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