Get Skyrim's New Survival Mode Free For A Limited Time, As Creation Club Launches

Creation Club is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Following a brief beta test that took place last week, Bethesda has launched the Creation Club for Skyrim: Special Edition on all platforms. To promote it, the company is also giving away the biggest and most notable piece of Creation Club content so far, Survival Mode, free for a limited time.

As announced at E3, Creation Club is like an evolved version of paid mods--although Bethesda insists that this is not paid mods. As with the Fallout 4 version, Creation Club sells new content for Skyrim similar to mods, but the development is either done by Bethesda or by outside parties in conjunction with Bethesda. Mods will continue to exist as they already do, but Creation Club offers content that is "fully curated and compatible with the main game, official add-ons, and achievements."

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Survival Mode is one such example; it increases the challenge of the game, disabling fast travel and requiring you to account for things like hunger, fatigue, and weather. Like other Creation Club content, it will cost real-world money, but from now until October 10, you can download it for free. Other paid content that's now available includes new weapons and items.

Creation Club is specifically available for Skyrim: Special Edition, the enhanced version of the Elder Scrolls game that launched last year. Creation Club currency, called Credits, are now for sale on Steam in bundles ranging in price from $8/£6 to $40/£30.

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