Get ready for Titanfall with discounted Xbox Live

Amazon and the Microsoft Store currently offering 12-month subscription cards to premium service for $40.


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If you're interested in playing Titanfall next month and don't have an Xbox Live subscription of if you need to re-up, now would seem like a good time to do so. Amazon and the Microsoft Store are currently offering 12-month subscription cards for $40, or $20 below their normal asking price.

It's not the hottest deal we've ever seen on 12-month subscription cards, but it's a pretty significant savings all the same.

The Microsoft Store lets you in on the deal either via a download code (which you redeem immediately) or through a physical card mailed to your home or apartment. Meanwhile, Amazon's offer is valid only on physical cards.

Titanfall launches for Xbox One and PC on March 11, while the Xbox 360 version arrives on March 25. For more on the game, be sure to check out our newly launched The Next Big Game: Titanfall feature.

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