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Get New Pokemon Snap For $10 Off On Release Day

The new Switch exclusive is available for $50 via eBay right now--these are brand-new copies, but stock is limited.


New Pokemon Snap released today on Nintendo Switch, and if you're looking to get your hands on the brand-new Switch exclusive, there's a slight discount available right now at eBay. Nationwide Distributors, a reputable seller, is offering brand-new, unopened copies of New Pokemon Snap for $50 each (down from the usual $60 list price), and they come with free standard shipping. Release-day deals on Switch games are rare, so if you're willing to wait a bit longer to play the game, this New Pokemon Snap deal is worth hopping on to save yourself 10 bucks. This is one of eBay's featured deals today, and it comes with the site's money-back guarantee.

Delivery times will vary based on where you live, of course. For me, it shows an estimated delivery between May 11-14 with free ground shipping. So you'll be waiting a little over a week for your copy, but if you're digging into another new game release right now, like Nier Replicant or Returnal, you may not mind the delay to save yourself some cash. Of course, if you want to begin your New Pokemon Snap adventure sooner, you can always snag the game at Amazon with free one-day delivery.

A sequel to the 1999's Nintendo 64 photography game Pokemon Snap, New Pokemon Snap takes you to the Lental region, where a researcher named Professor Mirror is investigating a strange "Illumina" phenomenon that's making some Pokemon glow. You're soon enlisted to help Professor Mirror by taking photos of Pokemon out in the wild and researching the Illumina phenomenon further. As in the old game, you'll visit each vibrant course on a set track in rail shooter-style gameplay, snapping photos of Pokemon in their natural habitats and using items to trigger special behaviors. Photographing a Pokemon performing some special action will result in photos that receive a higher score from the professor.

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The game received an 8/10 in GameSpot's New Pokemon Snap review. "Fans clamored for a Pokemon Snap remake for years, and with New Pokemon Snap, we've gotten even more than we bargained for: a great sequel that pulls from all eight generations of Pokemon released so far, dynamic courses that can be explored during both daytime and nighttime, and the ability to create an album of edited, personalized Pokemon photos," we wrote.

Be sure to check out our breakdown of the biggest differences between New Pokemon Snap and the original as well as how to print New Pokemon Snap photos from your Nintendo Switch. You can also look to our guide detailing how to find the Illumina Pokemon in the Lental Seafloor--something the game doesn't make abundantly clear.

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