Get Medieval Announced by Monolith

It's an action game like the old Gauntlet arcade game - with more than its share of humor.


Monolith Productions - the makers of Blood and the recently released Claw - has announced its latest project, Get Medieval, an action game like the old Gauntlet arcade game with more than its share of humor.

Up to four players (at least those who can "walk and chew gum at the same time") can take the roles of "slightly neurotic warriors who should follow the credo - 'Don't quit your day job!'" (The barbarian character Zared sports the best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression I've heard in many a moon) as they explore a dungeon and attempt to rid it of the foul beasties dwelling therein.

The game will feature 40 "hand-built" levels, additional randomly generated levels, and more than 20 enemies and bosses.

Currently, Monolith is running a "Name the Beasties" contest, where visitors can pick a moniker for creatures that will appear in the game. Those whose names are selected will receive recognition on the Get Medieval web site, mention in the game's help file, and a limited edition copy of Get Medieval signed by members of the game's design, programming, and art teams.

If you can think of better names than Were-hulk, Punky Pukester, Lord of the Bash, Snort, or Hemherroidal Harry, this contest might be the place for you to earn your own form of computer gaming immortality... or at least score a free game.

Word has it that Monolith plans to self-publish this title as it has done with Claw. Get Medieval should be ready by late summer 1998.

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