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Get Lots Of Criterion Collection Blu-Rays For Up To 50% Off

The Criterion Collection is known for its exemplary quality.


The Criterion Collection has long been the bastion of high-quality film restoration and preservation, giving both classics and prestige contemporary films an incredible amount of love in their box sets and releases. The Blu-ray releases from the company tend to be fairly pricey (around $30 to $40), but right now, Barnes and Noble has hundreds of Criterion Collection moves for %50 off of their usual price. Amazon has followed suit, and has similar discounts on several of the same films.

Currently Barnes and Noble's list prices are generally higher than Amazon's, and sometimes you'll find a greater discount at one or the other. Essentially, you'll want to compare the prices at each retailer before buying. Some films, like David Lynch's Blue Velvet, are eligible for buy two, get one free at Amazon.

Films in The Criterion Collection are typically the best quality home releases you can find of your favorite films. They also usually have exclusive and intriguing special features. For example, Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove is digitally restored in 4K, features uncompressed audio, and has a number of new interviews with Kubrick scholars and clips of the crew discussing the 1964 classic.

As part of the company's global mission, you'll find masterful home releases of classics from abroad such as Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, an epic that follows a samurai's quest to protect a village from bandits. The promotion extends to box sets like Godzilla - Showa-Era Films, a 15-film collection that's $110 right now, down from its $225 list price.

You can browse the full list of Criterion Collection movies on sale at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. We've highlighted some of our favorites below, linking to the retailer with the lowest price.

Best Criterion Collection Blu-ray deals

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