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Get Lifetime Access To The Latest Cheats And Trainers For Your Favorite Games

Cheat Happens is offering a premium subscription that uncovers cheats and strategies for your favorite games.


Back in K-12, Pokemon was the most popular game there was. We would rush home from school as fast as we could and try to level up our Pokemon as much as possible so that we could brag to our classmates the very next day. But there was one kid who always had the highest level Pokemon every single time, and none of us could ever keep up. That kid was always coy, but it turns out they were using cheats!

Who else knew "that kid"? Who wouldn't be annoyed knowing we had had no chance to keep up? But looking back, those kids saved hours every day of grinding the most boring aspects of the game and only focused on what they enjoyed most. And today, you can do it too with a lifetime subscription to Cheat Happens .

Cheat Happens will give you the best and most recent PC game cheat codes. Unlike websites that just compile tips from different users, Cheat Happens employs programmers whose jobs are to find the best exploits to help you with your game. As a premium user, you get access to the whole host of this information for over 6,000 different PC games, in addition to all of the trainers and cheats from in-house specialists (numbering over 27,000) you could ever want. There is also a forum where users can discuss new cheats and strategies, with an average of 170 new cheats a month for games both new and old.

You can get a lifetime subscription to Cheat Happens for just $50 . This subscription includes unlimited access to the trainer manager and CosMOS memory scanner/hacker, access that is essential for anybody who wants to start cheating at a high level in their daily gaming life.

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