Get Into a Festive Mood With This 4K Yarny Yule Log Video

"Twas the midst of December, when all through the house, all of the consoles were stirring for a little yarn creature the size of a mouse."


EA and developer Coldwood Interactive today released a funny holiday-themed video featuring Yarny, the hero of the studio's upcoming indie game, Unravel. It's 50 minutes of Yarny in front of the Yule log. No, really. Not in the holiday spirit yet? Click play on the video below and that may change.

"'Twas the midst of December, when all through the house, all of the consoles were stirring for a little yarn creature the size of a mouse," EA and Coldwood said in a statement.

This video is in the spirit of a similar one featuring Nick Offerman, in which the Parks and Recreation actor sips whiskey for 45 minutes straight in front of a crackling fire.

It supports resolution up to 2160p (4K), so it'll look good on your big-screen, too.

Announced at E3 this summer, Unravel is a physics-based platformer in which you play as Yarny, an adorable creature made of yarn. As Yarny, you use your threads in "clever and creative ways" to traverse the environment and solve puzzles.

The game is slated to launch in 2016 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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der.... can't tell the difference between this and 720p on my 22" monitor. The human eye can't see 4k.

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Now all we need is some douche knocking on your door to explain what a "Spare the Air" day is.

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Petition to fire Clickbait Eddie for bullshit journalism is where?

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F*ckin stupid yule log. Where's my Scrooges at?

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Unless there is an option to watch him catch fire and slowly turn to smoke then I'll pass.

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Well, be interesting to see the game itself in 4k.

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Sweet, I get to experience the thrills of a little yarn figure being moved around in front of a fire. IN 4K!!!!