Get Five Roguelikes For Less Than $8 At Fanatical

This bundle will sate your run-based hunger.


Fanatical’s No Mercy Bundle is currently on sale for just $7.49 (normally $104.95). That’s a massive 93% discount on five PC games that are perfect for anyone craving a challenging roguelike gameplay loop.

While all the No Mercy bundle games feature rogue-inspired elements, the games come from various genres, like the top-down action adventure game Patch Quest. Players explore an island teeming with monsters you can tame and use for metroidvania-inspired exploration and bullet-hell combat sections.

There’s also Tunche, a 2D brawler RPG with a striking hand-drawn art style and a unique setting inspired by the Amazon rainforest. The game features five playable characters, each with unique move sets and customizable skill trees, and sidescrolling dungeons players can tackle by themselves or with up to three friends in local co-op.

The No Mercy bundle also includes the turn-based RPG For The King, the seafaring sandbox Abandon Ship, and the hack-and-slash deckbuilder Book of Demons. All five games unlock via Steam and are Steam Deck verified. Along with the games, you also get a 5% off coupon code to use on future Fanatical purchases.

If you're looking for more deals like this, dozens of other games and bundles are also discounted in Fanatical’s Spring Sale Encore event right now, like this Spring Mystery Bundle that includes up to 20 random Steam keys for just $13.49.

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Fanatical No Mercy Bundle

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