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Hi-Rez Studios recently announced it would renew support for its free-to-play shooter, Tribes: Ascend. In perhaps even better news, it's now giving away each and every game in the series for free.

This offer covers not just the games that carry the Tribes name, but a portion of the series that preceded it, Earthsiege. The first official Tribes game didn't come until 1998's Starsiege: Tribes, which equipped players with jetpacks and allowed players to rapidly "ski" across levels, a mechanic that would become a centerpiece of the series. You can watch some skiing in Ascend in the video above.

The full list of games featured in the Tribes giveaway is listed below.

Each of these games can be downloaded and played for free on PC, though Ascend was already a free-to-play game. The exception to this is Aerial Assault, which was PS2-only, though you can can download this the same as the other games provided you have a way to play the ISO file.

You can grab all of the games at the Tribes Universe website.

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